Before You Make Your New Year’s Resolutions, Make the One Decision That Will Make Them Work!

Dec 10 22:00 2003 Susan Dunn, MA, certified EQ Coach Print This Article

Thinking about thinking about your New Year’s ... It’s always in the back of our minds as we wend our way through the holiday ... and another year comes to a close. If you’re ...

Thinking about thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? It’s always in the back of our minds as we wend our way through the holiday merriment and another year comes to a close. If you’re thinking,Guest Posting “@^&#*, the same thing will be No. 1 as was No. 1 last year!” why not try something different?rriment. Another year coming to an end.

New Year … new start, but did you know that most people have already failed with their list by January 15th. If you don’t want this to happen to you (again), consider getting the “thing” that can make those resolutions works: a coach. It can be the prime ingredient for your success.

Coaching developed to meet a need that wasn’t being met. We’ve all wished at one time or another we had a coach, like the pro athletes do; someone to help us be all we could be. Someone to shine some light on those corners, and remove the obstacles we seem to keep throwing in our paths without knowing why.

Coaches can help you get mindful!

Coaching is not for getting “fixed.” It isn’t to be confused with therapy. Some people enjoy the benefits of both therapy and coaching, which demonstrates the two are not the same thing. Coaching supplies something therapy cannot, and vice versa. In coaching, we focus on strengths, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and forward movement. It’s rapid and effective.

“Oh,” you may be thinking, “So it’s like having a friend.” No! Coaching is work and takes a trained professional. Done properly it takes more time, energy, focus and expertise than even the most well-meaning friend is likely to have. Friends
·Have their own agenda and issues
·Aren’t objective
·Aren’t trained or experienced
·Have a unidimensional relationship with you – you know before you go what they’re going to tell you to do. There are no surprises.
·Will give you answers

A coach, on the other hand is:
·Trained and experienced
·Focused on you, not themselves
·Will come up with some real surprises for you if they’re any good at what they do! After all, if what you’ve been doing were working, you wouldn’t be where you are right now, right?
·Will give you questions

The New Year is a perfect time to start coaching. A coach can help you make a realistic list of resolutions and then coach you to complete each item on your list. Wouldn’t you like to be feeling different at this time next year. Perhaps you caould even say, “For the first time in my life XXX is not on my list of resolutions!”

How to find your coach? Look on a search engine, of go to one of these referral sites: Premier Coach Referral Service, , Coach Federation, , or , . Then call a couple of coaches for sample sessions. You have nothing to lose but that No. 1 thing on your list of resolutions.


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