Take Control Of Your Life

Dec 26


Doug Allan Dammeier

Doug Allan Dammeier

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When I ask people the question "What do you want in life?" I get basically the same answers. "I want to be wealthy." "I want to be successful." "I want more money." " I want better relationships." "I want to be happy."


A life of being who we want to be,Take Control Of Your Life Articles having what we want to have, and doing what we want to do, is the ultimate need for all of us. Nothing else compares. This means the quality of your life comes down to one thing...the ability to make your desires and dreams happen. Take note of the word ability in that last sentence. Yes, shaping the life you want is an ability.

When you learn about your 'inner self' and the natural laws of our universe you gain the ability to shape your life any way you want.It's like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. You either use it on a daily basis or it gets lost in the complexity of your everyday life requirements. And for the majority of people, it gets lost forever.

My goal with this article is to give you some powerful, but simple, techniques that will help you identify, use, and grow your ability to control your life. If you actually use these simple techniques you can awaken your 'inner power.' The quality of your life will change dramatically, you will have more energy, more success, more money, and you will be working toward your goals and dreams.

If you make the commitment to read this article each day for 10 DAYS STRAIGHT and APPLY the information to your daily life, both at work and at home, you will notice a difference in your thoughts. After 10 days you then decide to keep these simple techniques as a part of your daily life, or not. It's your decision. If you faithfully follow this program for 10 days I'm betting you will continue the techniques in this article because you will 'feel' and 'see' the changes happening in your life. It can work that quickly and dramatically.

#1. Learn to 'shift' your mental state instantly.

We are so caught up in our family responsiblities, our job/school responsibilities, and the all the different tasks we must perform in our daily schedules it's difficult to stay aware of the nearly 60,000 thoughts that go through our mind each day. We know we have to be here and do that, go there and get that, and our life is crammed into all these tasks in timed periods throughout the day. We are bombarded with mental 'clutter.' When you find yourself becoming hurried, stressed, and wondering if it's all worth it, simply STOP and take a moment to recognize this and say one small word to yourself...'shift.' If you do this on a daily basis you be amazed at the power of this simple word. When you say this word simply 'shift' your mindset to one of being calm, relaxed, and in control of your thoughts and feelings and actions no matter what situation is confronting you. No matter how stressed you are, this simple technique will bring control back to you. It will allow you to look at your situations during your day in a different way. It will allow YOU to control the way you want to think, feel, and act, rather than the situations, events, and responsiblities that you must perform daily contol you. It allows you to become 'aware' of yourself and how your thinking and feeling. Use it often. If you're like me, you will be using it many, many times throughout your day.

When you read this article each morning before beginning your day you will have this powerful technique in your mind. You must make it a point to remember this technique each day at all times, or it will become lost in the 'daily clutter' of your life. It may be hard to remember it at first, but each day will become easier. It's time for YOU to control your mindset during the day, not the situations, people, and responsiblities you will encounter daily. Once you practice this faithfully for 10 days you will never forget this simple little technique because it will affect your life in dramatic way. Your self-control will increase, you will be much more calm, your stress level will go down, your attitude will change, and you will smile more because you will see how easy it is to take control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions throughout your previously hectic, unorganized daily responsibilities. I can't stress enough how powerful this is. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by tyring this simple technique.

#2. Unclutter your life with a daily/weekly planner.

If you are categorized as the 'majority' of people on this planet you do not use a daily/weekly planner to organize your responsibilities in life. This is a major mistake. The 'majority' simply gets up in the morning, gets ready for work/school, flies through their day letting people, situations, and circumstances dictate what they do during that time. Sure, you know at what time you need to be at work, pick up the kids, fix dinner, go to night classes, and all the other little daily responsibilities you must do during the day. But when you use a daily/weekly planner, and see everything you must do in writing each day and each week and at what time, it simplifies all your life responsibilities by putting enormous 'clarity' into your otherwise hectic schedule.

Once you begin to use a planner faithfully you will be amazed at how much more time you have in your schedule to accomplish more things. It takes the 'rush' out of your life and slows everything down. Using a planner will allow you to accomplish much more than you ever thought possible. A planner will allow you to regain control of your time. It will relax you because you have taken that mental stress out of your life with a written plan. When you see someone looking at their planner at work, in a restaurant, or anywhere else, I can guarantee you that person has control of their life. They know who, what, where, and when they need to be every day, all week long. They are calm and relaxed. They are in control.

Once you learn to control your life with a written plan each day and week, you have mastered a skill that can change your life forever. Let's go back to that 'majority' of the population. I can assure you that the 'majority' of people on this planet have NOT taken the time to plan out their entire lives. The successful people have done this, but the 'majority' have not. Let me ask you some questions? Do you have a written plan for what you want your life (and your family's life) to be like next year at this time? Do you have a written plan for the next 5 years? Do have a written plan for the next 10 years? If not, why not?

If you're having a family get-together for Thanksgiving or Christmas I'll bet you're going to go to great lengths to make sure you have everything planned out perfectly for the dinner on Thanksgiving Day. At Christmas I'll bet you will do some serious planning for dinner and the opening of gifts. We all have goals and dreams for our life and our family's lives, but we must learn to plan for these also. Most people do not do this. The 'majority' will plan a great party, but they fail to plan their LIFE! They take each year as it comes, with the people, situations, and circumstances they encounter dictating how their life is shaped year after year. To improve your life, and your children's and grandchildren's lives, and move forward to your dreams, you must make written plans for your future. This will allow you to CONTROL and SHAPE how you want your life, and your family's life, to be lived.

#3. Learn to be grateful for everything in your life RIGHT NOW!

Gratitude is the most powerful emotional state you can experience. When you learn to 'see' all the good things in your life you open yourself up to true 'clarity' and 'enjoyment' of your life. When you step back and write down all you are grateful for you will be amazed at how much you actually possess in your present life. The people, things, and emotions that you enjoy far outweigh the negative complexities of your daily life. The 'majority' of people are so caught up in what they don't have, they fail to realize all the good things the have in their life NOW. They focus way too much attention on what they lack, instead of what they now have.

Make a written list of all the good people and good things you have in your life, no matter how big or small. This exercise will open your eyes. Make it detailed beginning with the big things such as a home and vehicles and go all the way down to the lamps in your home, the heat in the cold winter months, the clothes in your closet, the refrigerator that keeps your food from spoiling, glasses to drink out of, etc. List all the important people in your life. This list to should take hours to complete. You'll be surprised at how fortunate you really are. After you do this, give thanks each day for all that you have and all you are grateful for. When you do this daily you will 'open yourself up' to receive much more to be grateful for. When you are truly grateful for what you NOW have, you will attract more to be grateful for. This is a natural law of living and is a very powerful force that will affect your life in the future.

#4. The 'secret' of GIVING.

What you give is what you receive in return. What goes around comes around. Reap what you sow. We've all heard these old sayings and they are truth. A part of your life is shaped by how much you give to others. You cannot live your life simply 'taking' from people, situations, and circumstances and never giving. You must realize that your life is shaped by how much you give to other people and causes in your life. Giving has POWER. It's a another natural law of living that the more you give, the more you get. Whether you are Bill Gates and give billions to feed the hungry and help the world, or you struggle to give $5 to a good cause, you will be rewarded in this life with more to give. Whether you give money or volunteer your time to help someone, or something, every time you do this your 'heart' gets a little bigger. Your mind expands its awareness and you grow instantly.

If you want more money, then give money. If you want more love, then give love. They best way to feel loved and stay happy is to make others feel loved and happy. Give love to everyone you know and everyone you meet and it will come right back to you. Never give expecting something in return. Give from the heart and your reward will be great.

#5. You are a 'celebrity' to your family and loved ones.

We all want to live well and feel good every day, week, month, and year of our lives. It's our nature. Our outer world (our daily lives) is a direct reflection of our inner world (our thoughts, feelings, and actions). If we want to experience joyfulnes, richness, and wellness in our outer world we must have a joyful, rich, healthy inner world. Nothing is more important than this. But how can we find these wonderful experiences? Who can give this to us? The answer is YOU!

Only YOU can control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. No one else can. They may be able to affect them, but YOU control them. If YOU don't give permission no one can ever influence any of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. People feel bad because others have done bad things to them. They blame the world as the cause of their unhappy life. What they don't realize is that other people and situations can never have any influence over their lives if they don't allow them to. You can think and feel any whay YOU choose.

A simple way to do this is to treat yourself as a CELEBRITY. YOU are the most important person in your world, right? If you were to meet the person you most idolize in this world how would you treat them? You would do probably try to make them happy, to be a friend, right? Would they be your first priority in that moment? Probably. You would want them to notice you. Well guess what?...when you treat YOURSELF the same way you would treat the person you most would like to meet you open yourself up to a powerful principle of self-respect. Begin to treat yourself as you would this famous celebrity. YOU ARE WORTH IT! No one is more important in your life than YOU! Isn't it about time you learned to take care of the most important person in this entire world...YOU! You are valuable to your family and everyone who loves you. Once you learn to respect yourself and treat yourself like the celebrity you really are, you gain a power that will help you take control of your life. You deserve this celebrity treatment.

#6. Shape your FUTURE with your 'TODAY' thoughts.

The thoughts in your mind, the feelings in your heart, and the actions you have taken in your PAST has shaped and created the life you are presently living at THIS MOMENT. Think about that statement. If your thoughts, feelings, and actions have been focused on how hard your life is, how you never have enough money, how bad your relationships have been, and how unhappy you are that is exactly the type of life you will living RIGHT NOW. You attract into your life what you concentrate the majority of your thoughts and feelings on. You get what you think about. If you think about all the 'lack' in your life, you will most assuredly get more 'lack!' This is fact. Quantum scientists have proven this to be true.

If you focus all your thoughts, feelings, and actions on who you want to be in your life, all the great things you want to have, and what you want to be able to do, you will powerfully attract those things to you. You will shape and create what you concentrate the majority of your thoughts, feelings, and actions on the most. When you concentrate on everything you want in life, not on what you don't want, your sub-conscious mind goes to work to bring the people, events, situations, and opportunities into your life to make it happen.

If you are sick and tired of your present life, then change your mindset to an 'abundance' mind. Begin to focus all your thoughts and feelings on all the great things you want to happen in your life. Take small steps to make this happen. Continue to focus on these dreams and desires daily and you will begin to attract this life to you. What you think and feel and do TODAY will begin to shape your TOMORROW. Your new thoughts and feelings TODAY will surely determine and shape the kind of life you will be living in the FUTURE. It cannot fail to happen if you decide to change your thoughts.