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 Best Sewing Machine for Beginners looked into the Brother CS6000i and found it to be a feature-rich sewing machine. It is one of the most affordable models out there, and beginners as well as professionals

 Best Sewing Machine for Beginners looked into the Brother CS6000i and found it to be a feature-rich sewing machine. It is one of the most affordable models out there,Guest Posting and beginners as well as professionals will find it useful in making clothing, accessory, quilting, and crafting projects. It comes with many automatic features too, so it’s really easy to use and operate. It’s the type of machine that you can grow with as you progress into your sewing career.

Brother CS6000i Key Features

  • Built-In Stitches– This model of sewing machine has 60 types of stitches built-in, including decorative and buttonhole stitches.
  • Oversized Quilting Table– Those who love doing quilting projects will love the accompanying quilting table that comes with this unit.
  • LCD Display– You can use the LCD display as a guide when selecting and adjusting stitch settings on length and width.
  • Stop/ Start Control– This sewing machine can be operated even without using the foot pedal.
  • Variable Speed Settings– The sewing speed can be adjusted to your preferences.
  • Presser Feet– There are 9 types of presser feet included in the package.
  • Hard Cover– A hard plastic cover can protect your sewing machine from harsh elements that could lead to early wear and tear.

Brother CS6000i Specs

Brand: Brother

Model: CS6000i

Product Dimensions: 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 pounds

Product Weight: Approximately 16 pounds

Brother CS6000i Warranty

Brother backs the CS6000i with a 25-year warranty and lifetime phone support.

User Friendly Design

As Best Sewing Machines for Beginners specifically went looking out for a beginner sewing machine, we wanted to find something that’s easy to manage and operate. This model has an LCD screen, so you can easily monitor which program you are currently using while sewing.

The adjustable speed design is a nice addition too, and it comes in a sliding presentation so that you can effectively choose how fast or how slow you want to sew. And since it has an automatic needle threader, you don’t have to waste time doing this. The machine automatically inserts the thread through the eye of the needle effortlessly.

As far as threading is concerned, Best Sewing Machine for Beginners found it to be extremely easy too. There’s a diagram on the unit itself, and all you need to do is follow this to accomplish the threading process successfully. It’s really easy. And the oversized table also allows you to work on large projects conveniently as you can easily maneuver your project while sewing.

Value for Money

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners finds the Brother CS6000i not only simple to use but reasonably priced as well. The unit itself is very affordable, and it comes with a lot of attachments and accessories too. The package practically has everything you need to start your first sewing project including a detachable oversized table, presser feet, and hard cover.


  • Versatile– You can use this machine for sewing and quilting projects.
  • Portable– This model is lightweight, so you can easily bring it to your sewing class.
  • Easy to Use– It is comprised of features that are easy to use even for beginners.
  • Built-in Stitches– It has 60 built-in stitches to choose from.
  • Long Warranty– The unit comes with a 25-year warranty.


  • Weak Light– This model comes with a built-in light. However, some consumers found said light to be quite weak; so you might need an additional desk lamp to help you with your work.

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners – Our Recommendation

Beginners will find the Brother CS6000i easy to learn and easy to use as well. It comes with a simple interface that allows you to make different types of sewing projects including simple sewing, quilting, and craft-making. It has an easy-to-view LCD display, an automatic needle threader, an easy-to-follow threading diagram, and an adjustable speed control too. And it comes with all the needed attachments and accessories at no extra cost too. What more can you ask for?

We really find this model of sewing machine to be versatile and feature-filled. It is also portable and user-friendly. Even if it’s best suited for beginners, professionals and hobbyists will surely enjoy using it too. We really thinks that it’s a value-packed  a beginner sewing machine; so we say: Go for it!


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