Choosing the Right Type of Personalized Photo Frame

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If you need to get someone a gift and you're not sure what to get, then you should look at personalized picture frames. Find out the different ways you can give a personalized picture frame that will be apprciated for years to come.

Need to get a gift for someone special and don't know what to get? A personalized picture frame is an excellent choice. People love to see photos and be reminded of special memories or people in their life. Personalized picture frames allow you to give a gift that will help someone remember their special memories and show them how much you care.

You can find personalized picture frames for a wide variety of special occasions. Personalized frames are the perfect way to display memories of birthdays,Guest Posting graduations, weddings, anniversaries or any other special occasion.

With personalized photo frames you have two options - you can have your photo frame engraved or you can create a personalized frame with handwritten messages, notes and signatures.

Photo Frame Engraving

The most common type of engraving on frames are dates and names, but you can also have a unique message or image engraved. You can have a frame retailer engrave your wood or metal picture frames or you can take them to an engraver or jeweler.

When having a photo frame engraved, you should always check beforehand that the frame is designed for engraving. Engraving requires a frame with a solid finish, a flat, smooth surface and a large enough area for an engraved message. Most engraving looks best on quality metal frames such as pewter frames, silver plated frames or sterling silver picture frames. Engraving on a silver plated or sterling silver picture frame looks elegant and is never outdated. The beauty of these engraved picture frames will ensure your gift becomes a family heirloom.

Be sure the metal picture frame you select has a smooth flat surface for engraving and has a solid metal finish or specifically states its “engraveable." Otherwise, you could engrave a metal picture frame and have a two-toned engraving that looks completely different than the actual frame finish. This will look awful and won’t be able to be returned once it’s engraved.

Normally, engraving on metal picture frames is limited to a small space and usually best for engraving names or dates. But if you want to engrave more than just a name or date, you should consider engraving a wood picture frame.

Wood photo frames can be engraved with images, poems, names, or even love notes. The engraving on your wood picture frame is only limited by your own imagination. Similar to metal, you need a smooth flat surface, however with wood you can have a larger area engraved. This is why you often see wood frames engraved with special images, poems or messages covering the frame.

Personalized Picture Mats

Personalized mats are another way to use your creativity. Personalized mats let you highlight a special photo and add a personalized touch to your picture frame. The mat can be personalized with signatures or messages of friends or family members who were part of that special moment. This can turn a nice gift into a special keepsake that’s treasured for years.

There are countless ways to personalize a picture frame- you can write a poem, verse, or capture special memories of weddings, graduations, baby showers or anniversaries. And with so many shapes, themes, styles, colors and prices, you're sure to find the perfect personalized picture frame gift.

By taking a little extra effort and giving a personalized picture frame, you’re telling that special someone how much you care about them. Just picture how happy your friend or loved one will be when they receive their personalized picture frame. Every time they admire their personalized frame, they'll remember how much you care and be reminded of their happy framed memories.

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