Common Water Heater Issues and What You Should Do?

Jul 7


Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall

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Learn about common water heater problems and the steps that you can take to fix them at your home.


To look at the era of the hot water system,Common Water Heater Issues and What You Should Do? Articles start looking for a producer's badge plate onto the unit and see that the production date on it (it might have a plastic cap on it). 

You also don't wish to run the heating element once the tank is nearly empty.  If you are experiencing issues with your gas hot water system, then you will want to switch off the gasoline.  

Start looking for one more pipe (gasoline ) running to the machine and then turn it off in that faucet or lever valve.  You will also have to isolate the water flow to the heater as explained previously.

What to do when a water heater issue occurs?

Before you call a Sydney plumber, the very first thing you should do is assess in which the flow is coming out.  Is it at the top or bottom of the hot water heater?  Or can it be leaking from the strain relief (PRV) or even the pressure/temperature relief valve (PTRV)? 

  • When it's that the PRV or even PTRV, things may not be quite as severe.   It is normal for those valves to flow a little water sometimes, but not all of the time.
  • Find the valve onto the face of the tank close to the bottom or top, then lift the silver lever four or three occasions to start, close and clear any blockages.  If the water flow ceases, your issue is solved. 
  •  If it keeps working, you likely require a replacement valve.  This is a fairly inexpensive repair that can prolong the life span of your whole system and prevent water wastage so that it's worth it.
  • At a popular water crisis, one of our specialist plumbers can be on your premises in just two hours of your call.  When it is not a crisis, we still promise same-day support so that you may get hot water once you actually need it.
  • A flow may be an indication your hot water support is corroding and it is going to only get worse over time.  The tricky water quality in Sydney frequently contributes to air corrosion and while some warm water solutions continue well beyond their guarantee of five to seven decades, the average lifespan is just around 10 or 12 decades.


Measures you need to consider when your hot water system has a flow:
  1. Start looking for a tiny black faucet or lever valve on a tube leading into the base of the unit.  Turn off this completely.  If you can not locate the inlet faucet, also it's seized up, switch off the water in the mains water dispenser. However, before you do, it is a fantastic idea to fill out the pot or a jug with water for drinking and also have a few pieces of water handy so that you can flush your toilet.
  2. If the flow is coming from the surface or underside of your electrical or solar hot water installation system, then you have to switch off the power to it in your electricity board.   This is a significant step because the immediate connection between water and electricity is potentially quite dangerous.  
  3. As soon as we recommend replacing your faulty hot water method we recommend only the very reliable hot water system providers so that you can reliably expect your hot water source for several years to come.
  4. In any event, we will have a plumber out of our team to repair your hot water method, quickly. We recommend homeowners stop working on their very own hot water system, and it is ideal to act quickly; a warm water flow can become considerably worse in only 24 hours should you leave it. 
  5. Switch your hot water method.  If you have a gas hot water method, find the gas isolation valve and then turn off that.  If you cannot find it, then switch off the gas by shutting off the gas meter. In case you've got an electrical, solar or heat pump, then switch off the circuit breaker on your mainboard in order to cut off power in your own hot water method.
  6. Instantly call your specialist plumber to look at your hot water method.  Bear in mind, repairing the problem as soon as possible for such a simple flow in your hot water may prevent serious problems from happening and can prolong the lifespan of your own unit.
  7. As soon as you've switched off your hot water, then the very best alternative may be to call a specialist.  Call our staff at 1300 13 80 80 or continue reading to learn more! 


Where to find the best hot water repairs in Sydney?

Now you've got a hot water system that's either broken or ignored, and you want to be aware of what the next step would be.  Many people today attempt to DIY their warm water system difficulties, and at times it works for them. 

Our fully qualified Plumbers in Sydney and gas fitters can manage any repairs or install a new hot water system so that you have access to dependable hot water.  

We are going to look into the water heater issue and advise you on the ideal solution.  We can fix any hot water system -- regardless of the make or model -- or we can provide and install a replacement.  We will also take the older unit off, which means you don't need to worry about disposing of it safely.    

Our team of accredited, fully qualified technicians are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, such as on public holidays.


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