Designer Bridal Petticoats

Jun 30




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Bridal lingerie is specially designed underwear exclusively to wear on your wedding day. Bridal Lingerie provides additional support and shaping to the bridal gown, which will enhance your beauty. The main piece of bridal Lingerie that no bride can live without is a petticoat.


Stock a huge array of Bridal

Petticoats from top designer. Underskirts from can be made to meet your own requirements they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find something that will have you looking fabulous in your dress. Remember without a petticoat your dress could look shapeless and unflattering.


The majority of bridal petticoats are slightly shorter than that of your wedding dress. The kind of petticoat will mainly depend on the design of your wedding dress.


When you are looking for your petticoat,Designer Bridal Petticoats Articles we recommend that you have picture of you wedding dress to hand so you can match up he colours of the two pieces. It's crucial that you match the colour of the two pieces, as you don't want everyone at the wedding to see the bridal lingerie you have under your wedding gown. How embarrassing would that be!!


Pettocoats are used to make your wedding dress have more shape and look fuller, Stock a number of different petticoats to get this desired look. Petticoats can also been worn by your bridesmaids and flower girls too. Sophie and Grace know it is just as important to have the Bridesmaid dresses looking just as perfect as the Bride's dress which is why we offer these beautiful junior petticoat from top petticoat designer.


Petticoats are also great for school and university graduation balls. Having a petticoat under your ball gown means that you wont get a static cling, no showing of a visible panty line and your dress looking as though it has been rolled into a ball before you put it on and it,also, shows off your dress the way it was meant to be worn.

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