Different Ways You Can Split Apartment Rent

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Outlines different ways you can split apartment rent.

Although it can be a joy at times to live with a roommate,Guest Posting sometimes its all not fun and games. As soon as you add the topic of money, roommate relationships can change drastically and become much more complicated. For example, when you live with someone else the topic of money will come up every month. The best time to address any money issues is before you agree to move in with the other person. There are several ways you can discuss with with your potential roommate too.

Split It Down The Middle

If the bedrooms and bathrooms are nearly the same size, then its best just to divide the rent up evenly. Its easy to remember and both parties feel they are getting the best deal.

Does Anyone Have More

If one roommate is going to pay more than another, usually it should be addressed before the lease is signed. But why would one roommate pay more than another? Read on to find out why.

If one roommate has a larger bedroom and connecting bathroom, this might justify the increased rental amount. Its not a bad idea for the individual with the larger bedroom and bathroom to pay more. That person also will have more privacy. Usually when guests come over, they will use the bathroom that is not connected to the bedroom.

What About Pets And Kids

Although small dogs won't take up to much space, the inconvenience they can cause will definitely justify the increased rental amount by the pet owner. Many apartments will charge pet rent, and of course a pet deposit. You should sit down with your roommate and discuss these issues. Also what if the dog damages the apartment home in some way or the carpet has to be replaced. All of these issues should be resolved before the lease is signed.

Who Is Writing Checks

If your apartment manager will accept to checks then you won't have a problem. But if they will only accept one check, you will have to decide you pays the property and who reimburses the other roommate. Responsible roommates can make all of these issues easy by having a discussion

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