Glue - An Important Factor That Affects the Service Life of Film Faced Plywood

May 1




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It is known to all that construction party will pay attention to the species of Wood, coated material, density and moisture content when purchasing film faced plywood. But glue, one of the most critical factors, is often overlooked. One false step will make a great difference. The film faced plywood which made by different glues can have very big differences on the properties.


Currently,Glue - An Important Factor That Affects the Service Life of Film Faced Plywood Articles there are four main kinds of glue on the marketurea-formaldehyde glue, moisture resistant glue (MR glue), water boiled proof glue(WBP glue) Dynea water proof glue.

Urea-formaldehyde glue has been used since the 19th century and has undergone many years of development and innovation. The film faced plywood is simple to produce, easy to use, as well as the cheap costs and good performance. It has become the main kind of glue in the production process of the artificial panel in China. The panel which made of urea-formaldehyde glue accounts for about 90% market shares. However, the film faced plywood which made of this kind of glue is not able to use outdoors due to its poor waterproof performance. We usually choose it to make bintanger commercial plywood.

Moisture resistant glue is actually refers to a board category of glue. Any glues which is damp-proof can be called as MR glue. Film faced plywood made of MR glue has wonderful moisture-proof property. Its physical properties can keep stable in the normal temperature water for several days. But poor weather resistance of MR glue limits the application of this kind of film faced plywood. Therefore, it is usually used indoors, such as furniture plywood and core-board. By the way, Film faced plywood made of MR glue can also be used in minor constructions.

In fact, nowadays the main kind of glue which used to make outdoor building templates is water boiled proof glue, such as melamine glue and phenolic resin glue.

WBP glue can be boiled for 72 hours without any breaking. It has good weather resistance. There is no need to worry about the support performance and structural strength of film faced plywood which made of WBP glue even in rainy days or hot weather. It can be mass production with a moderate cost, and is definitely the right choice for big constructions.

Dynea water proof glue also has good weather resistance. But its price is more expensive than WBP glue. Therefore, Dynea water proof glue is commonly used to built the plywood or plate which will used to fabricate high-grade floor and mother-and-baby rooms. Obviously, it’s too expensive and not cost-effective for the large-scale construction project.