Gold jewelry Vs platinum – which is the best?

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Gold and platinum are the two most popular metals. It is not easy to decide what to purchase. This article talks about the pros and cons of gold jewelry compared with platinum.

Purchasing gold jewelry is always exciting. People love to shop around and purchase enticing models of jewelry. Especially for an auspicious occasion,Guest Posting there is no other metal which can beat gold jewelry. Gold offers an elegant charm to your personality. However, with changing fashion trends, fashion industry has taken a great surge and jewelry segment is not excluded. Today, there are other popular metals like platinum, sterling silver and titanium which are popularly being purchased along with gold. Among other metals, platinum is an outstanding one. It offers an incredible charm to the wearer with its shimmering radiance. Here are some things to check out before deciding on platinum and gold jewelry for that special occasion.

The price difference

One of the most important aspects to check out is the price. Gold jewelry is available in various models and styles and the prices falls within a greater range. Platinum is more expensive when compared with gold. It is 2-3 times costlier than gold. The reason for this price difference is that platinum is more precious and weighs more than gold. For instance, platinum is 60% heavier than 18K gold. Because of that, you can see a price difference of 200-500%. However, with changing trends, this price disparity is coming down to a greater extent. An unusual fact is that there are times when this price became lower than gold. However, this is not an ordinary thing and will not be permanent. While purchasing jewelry, consider your budget. Come out with a tentative budget so that you can choose between these two metals.

The Color

Gold jewelry is very popular. Today, it is available in different colors and flavors. White gold, rose gold and pink gold are popularly being used to create innovative designs today. Platinum has a clear silver color with a shimmering radiance. With platinum, you can create innovative and distinctive models of jewelry. However, white gold is posing a good competition for platinum. White gold jewelry offers the same radiance and charm similar to platinum. At the same time, the price is comparatively very less. This aspect gives gold jewelry an edge over platinum.


Gold jewelry is available in abundance. This is one reason for the availability of thousands of enticing models of gold. On the other hand, if you want platinum models, it is important to order them lot earlier so that you can get them before the wedding date or any other important occasion. While both these metals have their own significance, it is up to you to choose the best one.

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