Guidance to Cut-Out Canon Printer Error 2801

Jan 31


Alina Vision

Alina Vision

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We provide guidance or solutions to cut-out Canon Printer Error 2801, Contact Canon Printer Support, Canon Printer Tech Support Phone Number +(1)-888-846-5560 for more details.

Guidance to Cut-Out Canon Printer Error 2801


Canon printer has many amazing features and facilities due to this,Guidance to Cut-Out Canon Printer Error 2801 Articles the user's experience good printing experience. But users ask us they encounter some error in their printing machine. Canon printer error code 2801 is the most common error that occurs due to paper jammed in ADF ( Automatic Document Feeder) in case you are printing something and in your printing paper get jammed in between. The users get irritated and search for tech support. If you are suffering from this error then you will be able to contact the experts. They will assist you in solving this issue and they provide one of the best services to their customers. To solve Canon printer error 2801 in the easy way you can also take the guidance from this article. In this article, we discuss the complete process to remove this error in brief. In case if the given solution fails to solve your problem then the Canon printer support team always available for your help.


Important thing Before solving Canon printer error 2801


  • Don’t open the document cover if the document is jammed. The jammed document may be torn.
  • The printing machine cannot be switched off while it is sending or receiving a fax, or when the received fax or the sent fax is stored in the printer’s memory/
  • Switch off the printer after making sure it has completed sending or receiving all the faxes. Don’t unplug when turning off the device.
  • If you unplug the power cord, the entire faxes stored in the printer’s memory are deleted. 


Solutions to Remove Canon Printer error 2801


To remove this error you need to fix it as soon as possible. To overcome this situation you can follow the given steps in sequence. These steps will help you to fix error code 2801 with ease.


  • First of all, press the stop key at the time of scanning the document, it will stay in the ADF where it is a message will display on the screen. /after that press, the OK button and the machine will feed your document out of the ADF.
  • In case, if the original document gets jammed in the ADF, press the Stop button to stop the printing.
  • After doing this turn of the machine.
  • Then take out any page except the jammed paper from the ADF and then take out the document feeder cover.
  • Then, take out the jammed paper from the ADF. then shut the document feeder cover and then turn on the printer.
  • In case if the document is jammed in the output slot, shut the document tray and take out your document. 

The given solutions will help you to solve this error in minimal time. If you have any difficulty regarding this Canon printing device then you can contact us any time to get the perfect solutions. The professional and experienced experts are available 24*7. They try to solve your entire issue as soon as possible. To get perfect solutions to contact us by calling on Canon printer tech support number +(1)-888-846-5560.

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