Guide To Purchasing the Correct Duvet Cover

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How to choose the right size duvet cover for your bed.

A duvet cover or comforter cover is similar to a pillowcase. It looks like a large pillowcase and protects whatever is placed inside of it. The typical bedding piece used with this unique bed covering is either a comforter or duvet. Please don't confuse a duvet with a duvet cover. The duvet pronounced "due-vay" is similar to a comforter. It is used as a warm bed covering and is traditionally filled with down or feathers. The only real difference between a duvet and a comforter is the name itself and the fact that the comforter comes in various colors and designs. Duvets are usually just white or beige in color.

When purchasing a duvet cover,Guest Posting pay close attention to its size and the size of the comforter. Doing so will help avoid having to return unwanted bedding or will help avoid creating an unappealing look to the bed. It is always best to choose the exact size as the comforter or 1 to 3 inches larger than the comforter. Always remember that not all sizes are the same. You can have a queen comforter that measures 86" x 94" and have another comforter that measures 90" x 92". That is why it is always a good idea that you know the correct measurement of the comforter and not rely on the size itself. The measurements are usually found on the package in which you purchased the comforter or on the description section if you made the purchase online. Your best bet is to measure the sides of the comforter with a measuring tape.

Choosing the correct duvet cover for the size of your bed is another story. Obviously you would purchase bedding based on the size of the bed. For example, a twin size comforter cover for a twin size bed. However, many people prefer to purchase one size larger than the bed itself. For example, a full size bed covering for a twin size bed. Why? Because the cover falls slightly beneath the top mattress and they may prefer the bed covering to reach the box spring. There is nothing wrong with doing so just as long as the bed covering itself is larger than the size of the bed and not smaller. Also, the comforter has to be the same size of the duvet cover.

When choosing the correct color and design, the skies the limit. Choose colors that compliment your bedroom decor or choose one that will appeal to your taste. Be creative and enjoy the luxury of owning one of the most popular bed coverings used today.

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