How to Get the Ultimate Shave

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Shaving is something you’ve probably been doing since you were fifteen. But did you ever think you might be doing it wrong? Holding a sharp piece of metal to your face every morning is something that you should be careful with. You don’t want to end up looking like a horror movie victim. Here are some tips on how to get the best shave without causing major blood loss.

Pre-Shave Prep

Preparing your skin for the shave is the most important step in your morning ritual. Skin that is packed with moisture reduces friction against the blade.  Which means less irritation and a closer shave. If you shower in the morning before you shave,Guest Posting you already have a leg up ahead of the game. The steam from the shower softens your stubble, reducing drag on your razor. It also opens your pores. Singing in the shower is option (and for me, forbidden) but the steam is essential to a close shave. If you don’t shower in the morning, place a very warm wash cloth on your face for a few minutes. I say “very warm” because scalding hot water can be damaging to your pores.

The Art of the Shave

Now it’s time for business. When it comes to the actual tool that you use to shave, you have a few options. Do you use an electric razor or a bladed razor? If you have sensitive skin like me (I remember the breakouts I got when I first started shaving all too well…) consider switching to an electric razor. You won’t slice up your face, and they are really easy to clean and care for. If you go with a bladed razor, choose one with multiple blades. And stay away from the pink plastic razors that your girlfriend uses for her legs.

Consider shaving in the shower. You can buy cheap suction cup shower mirrors for about $10 and the steam and the water make for a smooth shave. If you use an electric razor, you will obviously have to buy a waterproof model. Pre-shave oils are unnecessary, and can even clog pores. But you should keep your skin lubricated with foam or a lotion to ensure that each blade stroke will be smooth. Always remember to use long strokes and rinse your razor often.   

Aftercare – Masculine Face Care™

Your first post-shave step is to rinse off any excess foam or shaving lubricant. Use cool water since very cold water is just as bad for your pores as very hot water.

Aftershaves that make you grab your cheeks and scream (think Home Alone) are Skincare Enemy #1. You’ve just scraped off a thin layer of your skin. Why would you want to pour alcohol on it? Instead, apply a thin layer of high quality protectant (common beauty term – moisturizer) on your face. This is an important anti-aging step! Since you’ve just stripped your skin of oil, you want to make sure to moisturize and protect so your skin doesn’t crack and look dry. Also, apply a thin layer of protectant  under your eyes. They say that men age more gracefully than women, but that’s not the case if the first thing she sees is your crow’s feet.

Keep these tips in mind, and forget about those little patches of toilet paper covering the cuts of a messy shave. You face is the only one you’ve got—so treat it right.

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