How To Inch Closer To Your Dream Job

Nov 19


Rosa Vargas

Rosa Vargas

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If you are ready to make a career transition, go for it. You won't' regret it. First, wrap your mind around the fact that it is possible. Then, immerse yourself and commit. 


As a resume writer and career coach,How To Inch Closer To Your Dream Job Articles I am often asked by clients how they can shift from what they are doing now to their dream jobs.

Career transitions aren't easy, but they are possible. Before you plot a career transition, read the following to prepare. 

What have you done recently to achieve your dreams?

Make sure you are mentally ready to make this transition. Where is your mindset?

Do you wholeheartedly believe that you can reach your goals and have your dream career?

What have you witnessed that has helped you believe that your career dream is attainable? If you are not sure; what can you do to ensure your mind doesn't swerve you away from chasing your goal?

Whatever the case may be, take some steps to thrust yourself closer to your dream career. Both from your mental perspective and physical action.


#1. Throw yourself straight into the environment that you seek

Observe various aspects of that field and take mental notes. Never mind the fear of failure. Give it your all. 

When chasing your dreams it is always a good idea to expose yourself to the environment that you are trying to be apart of.

For example, I have a client who is trying to become a music artist. Therefore, he goes to various concerts and watches other music artists.

It is always a good idea to watch people that are already in the position that you are targeting. It will give you an extreme amount of insight on how to possibly take your steps and position yourself to be where they are. 


#2. You can request informational interviews

Find someone who has your desired position; ask them all you need to know. Many of my clients seek others via LinkedIn. They ask for permission to interview them about their occupation. This is a great way to find out what it takes. It is also a great way to network. 


Questions to ask during your informational interview:

  • What are your primary responsibilities?

  • What do you like most and lead about your job?

  • What are the requirements for the job?

  • What would you be looking for if you hired someone to replace you? 
  • What steps would you recommend I take next?

  • What kind of education, training, or background does your job require?


#3. Volunteer

Hands-on experience is always a great idea. Try to get exposure doing something in your desired field. Get up close and personal to whatever your dream career is. I cannot stress this enough.


#4. Start compiling a list of job ads for your dream job

Review those job ads and make notes of what you need to learn and seek out that training. 

Always remember that actions make dreams come true. Without any work or effort, you will never achieve your goals. You cannot progress while standing still in the same spot. There will always be obstacles in your way. Embrace them with open arms!

Obstacles are simply lessons. But with a good head on your shoulders and an open mind ready to face all problems life throws at you, you will begin to see yourself maneuvering around these obstacles with ease and will land your dream job. 

#5. Seek a mentor

If you know someone in the industry you seek, ask if they are willing to mentor you. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

In my client's own words, "Rosa, I have learned that it is ok to ask questions; even multiple if you have to."

If you do not know or understand something, ask. There is no better way of learning something than watching and participating up close. Never be afraid. Take everything as a life lesson and learn from it. All dreams are achievable if you have the drive and determination to push forward.

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