Tips to choose a cooling mattress for hot sleepers

May 1


sam winster

sam winster

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Are you having trouble with heating up at night? It is a nightmare for hot sleepers because it makes them incredibly uncomfortable. As a result, a cooling mattress is the best choice for hot sleepers who want to stay cool at night. However, how to choose a suitable cooling mattress? Follow our post to get further information.

What is a cooling mattress?

The cooling mattress is a specific mattress allowing you to actively cool down and create plenty of airflows. To bring a great airflow,Tips to choose a cooling mattress for hot sleepers Articles this mattress needs aerated foams, coils or a gel-like material with a limited surface area. Thanks to its active cool,  you will have a good sleep with ideal temperature. 

Materials of cooling mattress

- Gel Materials are infrequently used for the cooling mattress but this material will create a great airflow for your mattress, for example. The Original Purple Mattress uses Hyper-Elastic Polymer for the top layer.

- Innersprings: This material will let in a lot of airflow for the cooling mattress. Innersprings will support the system for the mattress and can be buried in layers of foam.

- Pocketed Coils: These coils are wrapped in a light fabric making plenty of air. It will be an added advantage of limited motion transfer. Moreover, it’s durable and cooler than poly foams.

- Proprietary Foams: This material will play roles on a case-by-case basis including cool and warm sleep.

- Gel Memory Foam: In order to keep cooler, cooling mattress providers will use new-age memory foam with gel interwoven. In fact, it’s a layer of memory foam keeping you cool.

Some notes for hot sleepers
  1. The Cover 

The mattress cover is an important part of making a good sleep. However, most people ignore this factor. If you want a cool sleep, you can use one of two types of mattress covers below.

- Phase-Change Material: This material will reduce your body heat and cool you down. Nowadays, this phase-change material becomes popular because it can keep you cool for the first touch.

- Breathability:  If you own a cover with magic material, you can keep the cool temperature and breathable. It's very easy to test breathability! You need only to lift a portion of the cover off of the mattress and review how thin or thick by blowing air through it.

  1. Memory Foam Mattresses

If you want a cool sleep, you need to consider to avoid standard memory foam because memory foam is the best choice for those who want pressure relief and support, however, it can make you feel stuck in the mattress. As a result, memory foam is the worst at keeping you cool. 

  1. Softer Mattresses

To enjoy a good sleep, hot sleepers should choose a firmer mattress because it's a great mattress for back sleepers and stomach sleepers and it will bring a sleep cooler than a softer mattress. If you need a soft mattress, you can use a cover with phase-change material to enjoy an especial cool.

  1. Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is still a type of memory foam, however, it includes gel-infused to cool you down. Thanks to this gel memory foam, the mattress will cool when touching and increases space for airflow. Therefore, the heat can be drawn away from your body.

  1. Your Weight 

How your weight can affect how you sleep at night? For example, if you’re a heavy person so you will likely sleep hotter at night. Therefore, you need a mattress with more support like an extra thick foam mattress or a hybrid mattress with coils because your weight can put more stress on the mattress. 

Outstanding cooling mattress stores

To meet overwhelming demands, there are a lot of mattress websites offering cooling mattresses. So where is the best cooling mattress store? Below are some recommended mattress stores for you.

- Firstly, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora seems to be the coolest bed that everyone can buy. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora provides coils, gel memory foam and covers with phase change material. Brooklyn Aurora believes that they will bring the best luxury hybrid mattress with smart cooling technology. Thanks to their TitanCool, you can enjoy your optimal sleep temperature. Besides, they also give great policy with 120 nights for FREE. Therefore, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora will be the first choice in the cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

- Secondly, with tech advancement in 80 years, Purple is the best mattress you can't miss. For cool sleep, there are 4 types of mattresses creating great airflow to cool you down. Purple is suitable for those who are hot side sleepers by offering an unparalleled amount of airflow. Furthermore, they provide free delivery, free returns and a 100-night trial for all their mattresses and pillows.

- Thirdly, Cocoon Chill by Sealy is also one of the most cooling mattresses at an affordable price. The Cocoon Chill is also available in multiple firmness levels, so if you want a memory foam mattress for sweaty sleepers, Cocoon Chill is a stop store for you. Currently,  you may save 25% + free gifts (two free pillows and a free sheet set) on any Cocoon Chill mattress. Moreover, you can enjoy free shipping. 

- GhostBed Luxe specializes in providing the cool mattress with the touch gel memory foam. GhostBed Luxe mattress is very thick and comfortable and it is suitable to actively cool you down. GhostBed Luxe is a good idea for those who are looking for a memory foam bed with a cool gel.

Finally, are you looking for a cooling mattress for couples? Loom & Leaf is the best option for you! Loom & Leaf gives a moderate solution for hot sleepers including high-density, eco-friendly memory foam with an organic cotton cover. Besides, they also provide a great customer policy such as free delivery, setup and mattress removal. 

Saving tips for Cooling Mattress

Purchasing a cooling mattress will create a "black hole" in your pocket. So how to save moneywhen ordering a cooling mattress?

- Consider ordering a bundle: Most mattress brands and stores will offer bigger discounts when you order bundles, for example, you will get a bigger discount when you get a bed frame and a mattress than just purchased a mattress. In some cases, mattress websites will offer about $100 off on their mattress, but you can get $150+ off on orders over $2,000 or more for example.

- Wait for special days: There are lots of special days of the year including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, Christmas... In order to get a big discount, you should buy a new mattress at these major holidays. Both in-store and online brands and retailers will give a better deal, regardless of whether you purchase in-store or online will be offering deeper discounts and bigger bundles. Therefore, purchasing a new cooling mattress during this time to get a better price. 

- Hunt for coupon codes: Before completing your order, you should search for a coupon code to get a great discount. Usually, coupon code will give you $50 to $100 OFF on the price tag. You may hunt all coupon codes at the homepage of your products or other coupon sites. Coupons Plus Deals is one of the leading coupon sites offering many mattress coupons. Besides, we also update all discount programs of the leading mattress providers including Cocoon Chill, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, GhostBed Luxe,....