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A wedding day is composed of torn out pages of moments, characters and moods. When the book isn't bound artfully, all those treasures are lost or connected in nonsensical ways. 

An adept photographer binds those pages in a way that tells the true tale of the day so that it can be read and reread by present and future generations. There are those who have the ability to tell the fairytale from their perspective and values and those who are incapable of spinning the saga at all,Guest Posting all of whom charge good money for their services. There are also those who forget their own viewpoints and depict your memories authentically. There are photographers who have snatched their styles from the air, creating a list of techniques that could fill a novel the length of War and Peace. Techniques can, however, usually be categorised into three main approaches. 

Traditional Style Photography

In this age old approach photographers work from a detailed schedule, taking time from the celebrations to encapsulate wedding parties saying ‘cheese,’ planned portraiture and gold banded hands linked together. These pictures tend to be the bare bones of the album, creating a structure that all other photographs need to stay composed and upright. They’re also the ones that grandma frames for her stairwell wall. Entirely predictable, they ensure that couples don’t come back from their honeymoon to a pile of unusable photos to relegate to a shoebox beneath the bed. 

Photo-journalistic Style Photography

Rapidly becoming a wedding craze, these photographers slink around in the background searching for moments of veracity: the bride and groom pilfering a private moment in the barn, guests in hysterics over a well-timed speech and tulled children nicking a hopscotch moment on the lawn. This is not the work of a photographer who takes reams of random shots in the hope of landing a decent percentage of prize images. On the contrary, this artist predicts key moments in a flash, collecting cunning lighting and composition on the fly. He’s also a story teller, establishing an album that hinges together as a well told tale. 

Contemporary Style Photography

This phrase can change meanings several times a year because it’s dependent on trends and professional styles. Black and white images with a twinkling of color on a single object have been ghosted by the current fashion which focuses on bridal couples in Vogue like poses, dwarfed by interesting architecture and bridal parties leaping with glee. The focus is on texture, which is often Photoshop enhanced. However, every professional style is unique. Illustrative wedding photographs are those that usually win awards and would be as content in a high end glossy magazine as they are in an album. It’s important that image processing programs don’t overshadow the photograph itself, so seek a photographer who takes strong photographs and uses image processing programs in a subtle, dexterous way.

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