How to Spruce Up a Bedroom With a Duvet Cover

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The style of the bedroom should never resemble one out of an ER room. With so many patterns, styles and colors to choose from, why settle for just plain old boring sheets and walls?

The style of the bedroom should never resemble one out of an ER room. With so many patterns,Guest Posting styles and colors to choose from, why settle for just plain old boring sheets and walls? It is time to spruce things up by adding some color and life into the bedroom without having to spend a fortune. Your eyes (and wallet) will thank you for it. First things first, get rid of all the clutter in the room. Not only will getting rid of clutter help make the room look more open and appealing, it will also help avoid anxiety. "Clutter is a reminder of things that should be getting done but aren't," says Elaine Aron, PhD, author of The Highly Sensitive Person.

Purchase storage bins that can be placed under the bed or kept away in the closet. Storage bins, totes, etc. can be found for under $20 at many local department stores. Also, keep dirty laundry inside laundry baskets. If clothes hang from the laundry basket or fall onto the floor. it may be a clear indication that it is time to do some laundry. Wash at least 2-3 times a week to keep the laundry under control and the bedroom smelling fresh.

Once the bedroom is clear of all clutter, you can begin with the decorating. The bed will help determine the color of the walls and decor. The bedding you choose will highly depend on your personal taste and how much you are willing to invest. I always recommend using duvet covers when it comes to bedding. The duvet cover can be placed over any old comforter you have at home.

You can actually save a couple of dollars a year when it comes to laundering with this type of bedding because the majority of the duvet covers can be easily washed with the rest of the sheets. Duvet covers also come in many different patterns, styles and colors. They can be purchased alone or in a set and cost just about the same as any other type of bedding.

When decorating, focus on the color that is least noticeable on the bedding. This color will automatically stand out once the walls are painted with that precise color. Choose a duvet cover with bold colors like hot pink, lime green and yellow, if you really want to make a statement or brighten up the room more. Make sure to also use a bed ruffle or bed skirt with the duvet cover. This will not only hide the box spring but it will also enhance the look of the bed.

When using solid bedding, throw a couple of small decorative pillows onto the bed. Some of the pillows should have a hint of the color that is on the bedding. The walls can be painted the same color as the pillow of your choice. Create an accent wall if the color is too bold.

No carpeting? Throw an area rug next to the bed. Area rugs are less expensive than carpeting and can still give you the soft warm feeling between your toes. Finish off the look with some coordinating curtains, colorful wall art and a couple of lamps for lighting.

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