Making the Most of Your Duvet Covers

Jan 26


Dale Avery

Dale Avery

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Making the most of your duvet cover is approached from an aesthetic viewpoint, as well as practical considerations. Since the bed, and therefore a bed covering such as a duvet cover is a bedroom’s focal point, aesthetic considerations as well as practical considerations are important.


Within most bedrooms,Making the Most of Your Duvet Covers Articles the focal point is the bed itself.  And the most noticeable portion of the bed is the bed linens or more specifically, any bed covering such as a bed spread, comforter, or duvet cover.  Now the duvet cover is a truly versatile, fantastic bed covering, and it is important to make the most of this bed covering since it is the defining part of your bedroom.

Before looking at making the most of your duvet cover, let us look at what it is.  It may be thought of as a large, very thin and flat sack, in which a comforter may be inserted inside.  Or, if you will, a large bed covering with an accessible void between the top and bottom layers of it; in which, additional insulation may be inserted in the form of a comforter.

One concept for making the most of your duvet cover is by having more than one of them, so you can vary the look of your bedroom’s focal point.  Your bedroom’s focal point is your bed, which in turn, may be dramatically changed with changes of these bed coverings depending on factors such as the seasons of the year or your moods.

Changing duvet covers that have different colors and/or patterns can reflect the changes of the season, as well as of your mood.  Earthy colors with bright accents will reflect a fall season while brighter colors go well with summer.  For mood changes, a cheery colored one helps make the long bleak winters less so.  But whatever the season, or your mood, remember you should find the color and pattern of your duvet cover relaxing, peaceful, and conducive for your sleep.  So most often, this becomes a very personal choice of an individual, since beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and the same may be said about restful colors and patterns for bedding.

Looking at the practical side, another way for making the most of your duvet cover is found by adjusting the warmth of it for the degree of coldness.  For those really cold seasons or regions, a heavy comforter may be used inside of it to provide that pleasing warmth necessary for a sound, comfortable sleep.  In more moderate, less cold climates, a light comforter provides just the right warmth for a warm night’s sleep.  For those mild nights that only have a slight chill, a duvet cover may be used by itself with no comforter inside to protect you from this slight chill and provide the warmth for a pleasant night’s sleep.

A second practical way of making the most of your duvet cover is the ease of cleaning it, and the lack of cleaning needed for your comforter.  The duvet cover protects the comforter, and prevents the comforter from becoming soiled, which in turn only requires periodic cleaning.  The duvet cover takes the soiling, and it typically may be simply machined washed.  Comforters, on the other hand, generally are more difficult to launder due to the bulkiness of the fill material, which results in it being too bulky for the typical home washing machine.  In some cases, comforters must be dry cleaned, which is also inconvenient and adds an extra expense.

In making the most of your duvet cover, it is a good idea to invest in more than one.  Quality ones will provide you years of enjoyment and pleasure by allowing aesthetic changes to your bedroom’s focal point.  On the practical side, the warmth necessary to snuggle into bed for a good night’s sleep may be adjusted by changing out the comforter.  Plus, it is easier to launder than a comforter, and provides soil protection for your comforter.  So long live the duvet cover, and have a great night’s sleep!