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Millions of people, just like you, end up with a customer service problem that they just can't seem to get ... No matter what they do. Even though you are in the right, even though you are being

Millions of people,Guest Posting just like you, end up with a customer service problem that they just can't seem to get resolved. No matter what they do. Even though you are in the right, even though you are being treated improperly. You may needle and wheedle them, bellow and battle, but your problem still ends up unresolved. Sound familiar? If so, here's a proven, effective FREE technique you can use that can help you get immediate corrective action for those ongoing unresolved frustrating, sometimes nightmarish consumer problems such as billing errors, disputes, complaints, defective products and other consumer rights issues.

What are your consumer rights? A product or service offered by a reputable company should function properly. And, as a consumer and a customer, you should be treated fairly and properly. And customer service is supposed to help you when that doesn't happen. Of course, in the real world, this does not always occur. However, the vast majority of legitimate organizations that depend on consumer buying for their sales and profits are willing and committed to stand behind their products and services and are willing and committed to "make it right" when a problem happens. But sometimes they aren't. Or they are unaware of a problem. Or their customer service is not capable or properly trained or properly authorized to resolve even the most obvious problem. And you get stuck in a battle with customer service, a seemingly dead-end with no resolution, a consumer nightmare! It happens. And when it does, here's what you can do ...

First, take a deep breath. Relax. Your customer service battle may soon be over.

Note: regarding exercising your consumer rights and winning the customer service battle; in order to be effective you need to act sanely and rationally, have a VALID claim, and expect a REASONABLE solution.

That being said, make sure you have first followed what I call the "Rule of 3"; always give the customer service department three (3) chances to resolve your problem. Also, if you haven't been able to get anywhere with the normal standard customer service rep you should ask (nicely and firmly) for a supervisor; sometimes a supervisor can simply and easily resolve your problem. Sometimes not. But do give Customer Service 3 chances and, above all, be courteous! If, after exhausting the limits of both customer service and yourself, your problem is not resolved proceed with the following steps ...

1) organize the most pertinent facts relating to your problem. Facts ... not feelings.

2) in a blank email set forth your unresolved problem. Here you state that you have been unsuccessful in getting your problem resolved via customer service. Be professional. State it clearly. No more than 1-2 short paragraphs.

3) the next few paragraphs are where you state the background of the problem. Here you state the most pertinent FACTS of what the problem is, the nature of the problem, why and how it's a problem for you. Keep it short (3-5 short paragraphs).

4) next comes the ending paragraph where you tell them what you want. I use "I would appreciate it if someone of appropriate authority would look into the problem and take the necessary and immediate action to remedy the situation. Thank you very much."

5) put your name, phone number, order number, customer service case number etc, (if applicable) at the bottom of the email.

6) next, we will get the email address of the organization's CEO or president or director or whoever is ultimately running the organization ... the #1 big boss. Why? Because apparently no one else in his organization seems to be able, or willing, to resolve your problem ... so now we are going to bring it to the attention of the top dog! Yes, this does work and yes, if you are a customer you deserve to get your problem resolved. I don't care how big the organization is, somebody is running it and is ultimately responsible. That's whose email address you want. With a little hunting this can often be found on their website, under About the Organization or Executives, etc. If you cannot find the email address of the head honcho then CALL the main number of the organization (unless it's out of the country; then the phone call may be too costly). Ask for the Office of the President. They should connect you. If asked why simply state that you "have to email him some important documents". Do NOT go into a whole story, do NOT get sidetracked, just get the head person's email address and get off the phone.

7) address the email to the CEO, president, or whomever runs the organization.

8) send the email.

After you have sent your email, standby for action! It is not unusual for a legitimate organization to respond reasonably quickly so be prepared. And don't be surprised if you get an immediate resolution of your problem. I have used this technique for many years and have had remarkable success, resolving many different and difficult types of consumer problems, both common and rare, with organizations ranging from small local businesses to giant multi-national Fortune 500 companies.

If you are in the midst of a customer service battle, and want to win it, try this technique. Can you win every single customer service battle? You probably can not win every single customer service battle but, with this technique, you can win enough of them to regain, and keep, your power as a consumer ... and a person!

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