Just How Organic Is Your Skin Care?

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Given the number of skin care products that are available there are many that claim to be natural or organic. But is this really the case?

Rather than actually making their products organic,Guest Posting they adjust their marketing to describe their products as "natural" or "natural inspired". These types of "natural" products tend to have 1 or 2 natural ingredients (which can be sourced from non-organic or GM sources), with the rest of the product containing large amounts of synthetic chemicals.

The only way to ensure that an organic skin care product is truly organic is to purchase products that bear the logo of a certification authority such as the USDA (USA) or Soil Association (UK). In addition to ensuring ingredients are sourced from organic sources, it stipulates stiff rules for the inclusion of synthetic chemicals in organically labelled personal care products.

Certification helps consumers to trust that a product contains organic ingredients and that ALL these ingredients are on the label.

The development of certified organic skin care products, like commercial products, has a well-defined process. Very often, companies look to those who buy organic skin care products for input on both current products and products under development. The best organic skin care products are a perfect blend of traditional recipes and ingredients with scientific findings and awareness of market trends.

At the present time, there is an increasing demand for pure, natural and organic products for skin care and cosmetics. This is a beneficial stage of our healthy life style and skin care routine, which can provide long term skin care without side effects.

Due to my experience and expertise I found some very misleading information or lack of information regarding natural and organic skin care products. I believe that the consumer of natural and organic skin care and cosmetic products has the right to be informed.

You cannot preserve natural or organic skin care products only with citric acid or citric like ingredients unless pH (the acidic or base capability of a solution) falls below 5 (acidic), which is not recommended for the skin. You cannot preserve the natural and organic skin care products with only Rosemary oleoresin extract, which is widely used in formulations due to its appealing natural name.

Companies which make those statements regarding the preservation of their natural skin care or cosmetic products may have difficulties with the self life of their products or they are deliberately omitting ingredients from their ingredients list.

Some companies advertise under organic or natural, skin care products, which contain only a low percentage of plant extracts or natural oils. In fact, the products are chemical and synthetic with one or few natural active ingredients.

Organic skin care: These products are being touted for their natural goodness and ultra healing properties. So are these organic skin care products really better for your skin than other, sometimes less expensive, products? Basically, just because a product is labeled organic or natural doesn't mean it's gentler on your skin.

One thing you can do until then is closely read the labels on organic skin care products. By choosing products that are chemical- and preservative-free you can go easier on your skin. The reason people want to embrace truly organic skin care is that many chemicals in synthetic products can be toxic or carcinogenic. One final note: be aware that all-natural and organic ingredients can sometimes cause reactions to sensitive skin types. * Herbal Skincare products or organic natural skin care creams usually give a pleasant feeling to the skin when applied.

Throughout the world, organic natural skin care products like creams, lotions etc. are taking precedence over their allopathic counterparts. What is 'organic' skin care? Understanding what organics are, and how organic skin care can benefit you will help you stretch your beauty budget and get the right product for your skin.

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