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I was'nt born with a clear thought in my head. It's always a jungle and a puzzle in there. ... I make sense of it. Often times not. But this I know, those thoughts would make me a ... t

I was'nt born with a clear thought in my head. It's always a jungle and a puzzle in there. Sometimes I make sense of it. Often times not. But this I know,Guest Posting those thoughts would make me a "successful" thinker.

When I was still that puny little kid of 8 years old, I would often explain to myself, and often times in my head, why we have "this" and why we have "that". I would often believe that I am right and when an "explanation" struck me like why the sky is blue and not pink, I would go right to the encyclopedia and then found out that I was, indeed, closer to the truth. I thought of myself as strange and lucky at the same time, never thinking that at some point, these "bursts" of thoughts would make me a more bolder type of person. Never afraid of quantified but calculable risks.

Last night, I devoured the words and thoughts of some of our "successful thinkers" in their prime. Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders, Terry Dean and a lot more. I was in that deep self-less thought wondering what "really" made them click and hot and why their words and thoughts alone sell in the millions. These are what I found out.

Never afraid to be what you have to be

There would always be a point in your life when you would burst the bubble and tell yourself that you would never be successful. Wrong. Everyone of us has a reason to be here. Never be afraid to do what you want to do or to be what you have to be. There will be a time when you have to let go of your creativity, of your inner self and be the super person that you are.

I had dreams of becoming a successful songwriter and singer even when I was 5 years old. I would often see myself on the stage with bright lights and people showering me with compliments. I can never let go of that inspiration until I came to a point that I was doing it. I now have national multiple song writing awards and I am proud that some of the most successful singers have been singing the songs of my childhood..of what I've been through.

Let your pain make you strong

We all have our pains. Pains from our experiences past and present. Perhaps you're the most unloved child. You did not finish high school. You seperated from your wife or husband. Never the less, you should not let your pain make you weak. Get your strength from it. I can't tell you how but you're the only one who can control your emotions. You can change yourself and only from the "inside-out".

Most successful people had traumatic experiences when they were young. Perhaps a close love one died. They were very poor and had practically nothing to eat.

One story my dad always loved to tell was of his relative who was so poor that he had to borrow my dad's clothes to go to school.

His cousin loves to read. What he could afford from shining shoes while on his way home he would pay for comic books. He devoured everything readable, especially comic magazines.

Back then, it was a popular read for children his age. His classmates would often borrow from him everyday on recess. What he would do after he reads them, he lets his classmates borrow it for a price of $5 cents.

He was so entrepeneurial at that age that he paid himself to go to college and yes, because of comic books. Right now, as you read this, he is one of the biggest publishers and owners of millions of magazines for kids and reaping in billions if not millions every month.

He's my uncle and last Christmas, he gave me the best gift. He told me that using yourself as an instrument to help people be successful is the key to being a successful thinker.

Be a Resource of Something

They always say that you don't need to reinvent the wheel, you just have to make it better. If you dont' have any successful or profitable ideas of your own, then be a resource of successful and profitable ideas, and then profit from it.

Good organization is key

Do you have a weekly to-do calendar? Do you schedule and plan your time effectively? Usually we always have a lot of things to do that it devours us, our time, and sometimes our relationship with other people. It usually happens to people who are successful in their own fields.

When planning your weekly schedule ahead of time, these are tips that you should use. Create a roles | goals | priorities notes first before you try to take them down in your schedule. Your roles can be this ; (1) a parent (2) husband or wife (3) online business manager (3) sales manager (4) marketing manager (5) personality development

Being effective does'nt mean, that you have to accomplish your role as a businesswoman or business man. It means accomplishing your roles to your family and to yourself as well. Do you think that your business will gain a lot if you became unstable because you're having problems with your spouse or because you got sick? Successful people always have time for themselves and for their family. If you want to stay in the up and up, dont' forget things that matter, yourself and your family included, who, by the way are the reasons why you're working your butt off.

Bring Out the Best in People

The death of one good company is sometimes caused by an "uninspired" organization. If you are working by yourself and recognizing another's creativity is seen as a weakness in your part then I suggest you better re-think your goals.

You can never be succesful alone. People who became successful harnessed other people's creativity simply because they can't go where they have to go without the other's help.

Recognizing your weakness and drawing strength from another has it's good rewards.

In conclusion, I hope that with these thoughts that I have shared with you have helped you be a successful thinker. Fly high.

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