What you need to become an Exotic Dancer

Mar 22


Sara Sweet

Sara Sweet

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So you want to become an exotic dancer? Read on to find what you need to be the hottest girl in your town.

Are you thinking about becoming an exotic dancer? It's not as easy at it seems. But I will walk you through on how to start out and what essentials you will need to have in your bag before you head to work. Find out about super sexy body jewelry,What you need to become an Exotic Dancer Articles platform shoes and of course, sexy lingerie or sexy costumes. Some items are a necessity and some items you may want to have just in case there are last minute changes to you show. Browse these exotic dancer items below...Exotic dancers adopt certain dance styles that stimulate or arouse an individual bringing to their mind sexual thoughts. It is not necessary for a dancer to be nude to arouse an individual as her moves and gestures combined with her sexy clothing and body jewelry are must-haves. Dancers are often clad in attractive pieces of Jewelry that are appealing and their clothes reveal more than they conceal. Try a rhinestone shirt or rhinestone skirt to mix up your body jewelryBeautiful strippers are usually dressed in G strings, rhinestone bracelets, crystal rhinestone belly chains or rhinestone bow ties and little or nothing to cover their ample bosoms as they perform sexy moves and sensually dance the night away. Professional exotic dancers enjoy the thrilling experience of having enormous power over the men whose gazes are transfixed upon them, probably letting their imagination run wild with all that they would like to physically do the dancer. Find a few staple pieces that accentuate your outfits and best features. Of course working in this field requires a lot of mental resilience as you will be shunned by some but welcomed by many men who lust for your firm body. You will need to keep yourself physically fit and your body well toned. Dancers usually start off wearing platform heels, but sometimes a good pair of well studded embellished pair of high heels are appreciated. In certain instances an exotic dancer will wear only a thong with her body painted and body art applied to her nipples to conceal them. There are a variety of these body art pieces available like naughty nurse body art where only the nipples are covered with a heart and a cross and angel wings. Many women in night clubs do the pole dance and are treated as goddesses. All exotic dancers should ensure that they have a wardrobe that is interesting as well as exciting, that reveals enough to keep onlookers on their toes wondering when what little they have on them will be stripped away. Once a dancer is equipped with all these things she is sure to win over the audience with her ample assets that are more interesting than anything else.