Why Most Musicians Are Unable To Get A Record Deal

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You build your music career much faster with a record company behind you. Record companies have access to resources and capital you cannot match as an independent...

Many musicians make assumptions about how the music business works and end up being completely wrong. As a result,Guest Posting they fail to get signed to record deals. Be different from them. Study the industry and start creating value in your music career that music companies can plainly see.

Here are 3 mistakes most musicians make that keep them from getting record deals (and what to do instead):

Mistake #1. They Only Focus On Their Musical Skills And Songwriting

Although many people do so, it is a mistake to only focus on developing your musical skills when trying to build a music career. Becoming a better musician is important, however, record companies are looking for musicians who offer the whole package – this includes being a business asset. It’s easy for them to find good musicians everywhere they look… but what is truly valuable for them is finding someone who has not only musical talent, but a knack for the business side of the industry, an entrepreneurial mindset and other characteristics outside of just being a musician.

Set aside time each week to learn about how the music industry works. Find a mentor who shows you what to work on to make yourself a valuable asset for any music company.

Mistake #2. Their Mindset Is In Direct Conflict With Record Companies’ Goals

A lot of musicians believe that music companies take advantage of musicians, so they are quick to criticize ideas like capitalism, business or making money. Companies see this instantly in anyone they consider working with. When they see musicians like this, they avoid them. Musicians who achieve great success in music know that music is a business. They do not have the mindset that making money is immoral. They want to work together with others in the music business to help everyone make a good living through music. They add value and create win/win situations.

Focus on becoming a musician like this by always thinking of ways to offer value in any interaction you have with others. Give other people in the music industry a good reason to want to work with you. A good way to offer value to others in the music business is to grow a database of fans who you can contact at any time. When you have a huge database, record companies will seek you out.

Mistake #3. They Have Too Many Unknowns About Them (Risk)

If a music company is unsure of the following things, it means you have a high risk factor to them: how strong your work ethic is, how loyal you are, your mindset and what kind of track record you have working with others in the music business. Record companies want to be sure you are the right person to work with before working with you. They need to know exactly where you stand with the things mentioned above before they even give you a chance.

Look for ways you can show your value in this areas to give record companies incentive to invest into your music career.

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