Why You Need to Hire Fire Watch Security Services Immediately

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Get to know about the importance of hiring fire watch services.


Importance of hiring fire watch services:

According to healthdata.org,Guest Posting worldwide, approximately 9 million new injuries took place due to fire in 2017. Out of which 120,632 resulted in death. So, those who believe fire breakouts are not to be taken seriously, are deceived. Fire incidents are dangerous. They do not just harm human lives, but also your property, and valuables equally. Getting protection from crimes and terrorist attacks are just the most obvious life-threatening situations where you would require security. 

Some naturally occurring and disasters due to human error are even more perilous – such as fire accidents. Therefore, for these reasons hiring firewatch services immediately is essential to avoid multiple risks. 

Also, hire a fire watch service for the following reasons:

  1. Avoid losses of life of workers and visitors
  2. Preventing damage to property
  3. Compliance with fire prevention guidelines and continuity of professionalism towards ethics.


Where do fires mostly occur 

Fire accidents can happen in different places and with different intensities. It can take place, in a home, company, factory, industrial area, wildfires in forests, etc. However, in the U.S. annually, 27% of all fires take place in homes and are the main cause of fire-related deaths. 


Two places where fires are most recorded to happen:

Homes:- In the kitchen- through the stove, hot surfaces.

- Bedroom- loose wires, extension cords, wrong electric pluggings, cigarettes, hair tools, and heaters.

- Living rooms- fireplaces, chimneys, space-heaters, Christmas trees with lights.

- Outdoors-bbq/grill areas, trailers, and vehicles.

It is suggested to never leave a fire unattended.

In workplaces:

- Inappropriate storage of combustible materials, and storage of waste.

- Incorrect disposal of cigarettes, and smoking.

- Inadequate staff training

- Lack of safety equipment, and resources


Maximizing safety with fire watch security services

To have excellent safety from fire-related accidents, it is necessary to conduct regular risk assessments, keep the staff informed about any risks, and align processes to maintain measures of fire safety. Also, carry out proper planning of emergencies, do staff training, and provide them with all compulsory details in the form of information, and instruction. Hiring a fire watch security guard from United Security Services can be seen as an additional protective measure. So, in case of an emergency, our fire watch guards will help to take the correct measures to prevent fires. Practically speaking this role is usually broad, and strictly requires professional skills to expand the horizon of maximizing safety. 

Furthermore, our fire watch services ensure the safety compliance of your corporation. Our fire security guards are highly trained, certified, and licensed to assist in the elimination of risks and failure to comply to fire safety procedures. They have profound knowledge and understanding about the building and premises, and how to make use of any existing security systems such as CCTV cameras, sprinklers, or alarms to altogether use these to deal with a fire situation.  


Choose the Right Firewatch Company

For both, home and business having good fire watch services are essential. Especially for businesses, and workplaces 24/7 fire watch services are vital, to protect the infrastructure and the workforce from any hazards. Firewatch security services at United Security provide you with complete fire insurance coverage, counseling, and efficient firefighters. 

Choosing the right fire watch services from a reliable company benefits you in the long-term. It gives you the confidence that your workplace and workforce are safe and secure. Firewatch services at United Security are matchless and provide you with the best fire-fighting security services in the U.S. We always understand the gravity of the situation, and cater to our clients’ needs promptly. So far, we have helped numerous homes and businesses in handling fire-fighting circumstances, with proper countermeasures. Our firefighter personnel are well-trained and are given special training to tackle any sorts of fire incidents. They specialize in fire prevention, and the wisdom to act in that situations aids in minimizing damages.


Get Your Quick Fire Safety Solutions!

If you require fire watch services in your area or organization, contact our team at United Security, located in U.S, California. If you are looking to get customized fire watch services, we would love to help you. We are ready to discuss any queries you may have. Just give us a call today.


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