10 Steps To Bigger Affiliate Commissions!

Oct 15


Chuck McCullough

Chuck McCullough

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If you're having trouble making money from ... or are looking for ways to increase ... income from them, here is a quick list toget you going:1. Learn how to PRE-sell your visi


If you're having trouble making money from affiliate
programs,10 Steps To Bigger Affiliate Commissions! Articles or are looking for ways to increase your
existing income from them, here is a quick list to
get you going:

1. Learn how to PRE-sell your visitors instead of
hard-selling them. Using this technique will put
your visitors in the right frame of mind to visit
the merchant's website and have a look at the
product offerings.

2. Focus on one or two products and put all of your
your effort into promoting them. Your visitors
aren't looking for a shopping mall, but rather a
website that has great information on their area
of interest.

3. Purchase the products you are promoting. This will
enable you to know first-hand if the product is of
high-enough quality to deserve your efforts, and
will give you the ability to provide an honest
recommendation based on your own experience with
the product.

4. Create an email course and include your affiliate
link in each email with a recommendation on how that
product will help your visitors. You will need an
autoresponder for this idea, and I recommend you use
one of these:

5. Write articles and submit them to newsletter authors
and article directories. You can either include a
recommendation for the product within the article, or
at the end in your author's resource box.

6. Add a few lines promoting an affiliate product in your
signature that goes out in all of your emails. Every
email you send will have your advertisement with your
affiliate link in it.

7. Purchase a domain name strictly for the purpose of
promoting your favorite affiliate program. You can get
more information on this at:

8. Create a mini site that focuses on only one affiliate
program. Spend your time promoting this site through
search engine positioning, pay-per-click search
engines, ezine ads, etc.

9. Create an ebook with useful information on your chosen
topic and give it away. In your ebook you will have
links to different affiliate products and if any sales
are made through them you will get the commissions.
Make sure you let other webmasters know they are free
to give away your ebook as well so you can get as many
copies as possible out there.

10. And last but not least is to create your OWN product!
Satisfied customers will gladly purchase from you again
in the future. If you don't have other products to sell
them, make recommendations of products that you can earn
a commission from through affiliate programs.

This is definitely not intended to be a comprehensive list,
but if you apply these techniques you can quickly start to
see an increase in your affiliate commissions!