2 Ways To Maximize Your Ad sense Earnings

Nov 27


Satrap Darabi

Satrap Darabi

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Here are two ways you can easily increase your Ad sense earnings.

For most webmasters and bloggers,2 Ways To Maximize Your Ad sense Earnings Articles Ad sense is the number one way to generate a worthy income. Most of them are always on the look out for new ways to increase their Ad sense earnings. Many bloggers and webmasters use techniques like using high paying keywords in every article they publish. But so many times they fail to increase their ad sense earnings. They do not succeed because they fail to realize that so many times the problem is not what kind of keywords they use, or how they implement keywords in an article. It simply is a matter of bad navigation and bad link description used to draw traffic in.


Having high paying proper keywords is one side of the coin, the other side however doesn’t have anything to do with keywords, but everything to do with how you get visitors to click on those high paying keywords.

Attention Grabbing Navigation Links
One of the most important things for keeping visitors in your site, going from one page to another, is a good navigation menu. A good navigation with attention grabbing links can help you maximize your Ad sense earnings. Most visitors scan the page for interesting stuff, until they see something interesting. While a good navigation will help visitors find what they need faster, it can also be used to funnel your traffic to pages with higher paying keywords. Simply make the links(to the page with high paying keywords) more attractive by using keywords related to what your visitors are looking for.


High Paying Keywords
The navigation logic can also be used in increasing your Ad sense earning, by using Adwords or any other source of PPC advertising you use for driving more traffic to your site. And if you are not using ppc because of the cost, this method can be used with a very low budget, depending on your niche.

First choose a page (or more) in your site that uses inexpensive keywords in its content. This will help you with using Adwords to
draw traffic to the page, without breaking the bank.

Now, using catchy and unique description, make the link to the high paying page(s) stand out. maybe use something like “free download of…” or “get your free…”. be creative and use attention grabbing phrases that will spark curiosity in visitors. Of course I don’t mean using anything to get people to click on your link, you want them to trust you and become a frequent visitor. So, use attention grabbing keywords that are relevant to the content of the page you are trying to get them to read.

Now use Adwords to drive traffic to the chosen page, by targeting your ads on the same low paying keywords you used in the content of the chosen pages (so you can bid on them with a cent or two). Almost 100% of the time, when visitors arrive at a web page, they will want to either leave or go to another page on the same site. But with your eye catching links, their next destination would most likely be the high paying page you are linking to. Which means more traffic (more clicks) on your high paying keywords.


Experimenting with different styles of link text, using links in different spots on your page, and monitoring the activity through tools like Google Analytics, will help you find the best way to get more clicks for your high paying Ad sense keywords, which ultimately helps you increase your ad sense earnings.