Affiliate Marketing - Ever Wondered How Newbies Can Use the Internet to Build A Profitable Business?

Jul 9


Dave Joe Lee

Dave Joe Lee

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This paper explains how to get into the world of Internet Business. It talks specifically about the Affiliate Marketing model and how it is a great way for newbies to start making money using the Internet.


If you are looking for ways to make lots of cash (using the Internet) I strongly suggest you attend any sort of Internet Seminar where you can listen and learn how the top guys do it.

Go to as many seminars as you can get to - (HINT they are often free to attend) and you can then decide what style or system suits you best.

My favorite business style to follow is I think the easiest way to get started making money using the Internet - it is called Affiliate Marketing.

The basics that you will need:

1. Access to the Internet (well I did say this was for newbies),Affiliate Marketing - Ever Wondered How Newbies Can Use the Internet to Build A Profitable Business? Articles

2. No web-site,

3. Your own Domain name URL (you can buy one for under $1 per year!),

4. A product to promote and sell (your affiliates product - not yours),

5. A small amount of money up-front, (I do mean small),

6. A (free) account with an Affiliate sales company,

7. Some enthusiasm and lots of patience.

Affiliate Marketing is like telling your friend about a good movie you have seen and getting paid a commission when your friend goes to see it, ie you recommend a product to someone and if they buy it you get a finders fee from your affiliate.

Putting it another way any purchases of your Affiliates product driven from your recommendation results in YOU clipping the ticket, your commission gets paid to you automatically (oh the wonders of cookies!), all automatically done for you.

I totally recommend you have a further look into this area of business, I do not think you will find a cheaper option which carries so little risk.

Remember though as a newbie, be prepared not to hit the jackpot first time - just keep trying and have fun.

My experience, as a newbie, is that Affiliate Marketing provides a perfect entry into the Internet Marketing world and sets you off onto your own Fast Track To Cash.

I wish you success in your endeavours.