Affiliate Training Manual for all[2-10]The small difference that can make a big difference

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Most affiliate marketing programs are in essence the same,but their are some small differences and these small differences can make a big difference.The difference comes in the amount off money you can generate per month.

1)The first and one of the major differences between different affiliate marketing programs is,Guest Postingis in the amount of commission that are paid to you.This could be from 25% to 75%It takes the same effort to sell a 25% or 75% commission product.See for yourself how the numbers ad up:
1]25% affiliate marketing program.100 sales x $100 =$10 000,but what do you get out of the deal.25% of $10 000 = $2500 witch is not bad.
2]75% affiliate marketing program.100 sales x $100 =$10 000,but this time you get 75% of $10 000 witch is $7500.

Their are lots of programs that pay 75% commission and the product cost more than $100.I know witch program I will be promoting.The major reason being the fact that it takes the same effort and expenses to make a lot more money.Don't fool yourself making money is what it is all about.

2)The next kind of affiliate marketing program to consider is membership websites or as it is also know a residual income program.Here you are marketing membership to a affiliate marketers program or website at a monthly subscription.

When people join the program through your efforts,you receive a commission for your sale,but it does not stop their.You also get a percentage of the subscription fee of these members who joined because of you.This you get every month for as long as the person stays with the program.You work once and get paid for ever.

There are even same of this affiliate marketing programs that gives you commission on the subscription of the members who joined the members who joined you.This ads up to a lot of money.This is cold leverage,doing more with less.

3)The next difference comes in the form of customer care and training.This the biggest difference between the different affiliate marketing programs.This one can make or brake you,so focus.

The good programs will have great customer care and would bend over backwards to help you succeed.This will come in the form of pre-written solo-ads,E-mail,training video's etc.

The great programs will have all of the above plus a plan that you can follow to make a success of your Internet business.This is a win,win situation if you succeed and make money they succeed and make money.

Affiliate marketing consist of two words.We have covered the first.In the next article we will have a look at a next important step or word,marketing.

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