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Oct 23 19:05 2010 Christian Blue Print This Article is a website which claims to offer education about Internet Marketing. Some says that the Internet is indeed a valuable tool when it comes to earning extra thru home-based business. The website seems to offer education to interested individuals on how to earn extra money online. seems to direct visitors to another site which is known as,Guest Posting which claims to be the home page for Lurn Inc. The site seems to show detailed features of the company. It tells a story about its founder and what the site can offer to its members. The site claims to be founded by Anik Singal, who is the current CEO of the company. It is also stated in the site that Mr. Singal was still a student when he first started. According to the founder he discovered that there was a demand for detailed-training and other helpful information on how to earn money online. This was said to be the start of the Affiliate Classroom, Inc. way back 2004.

The site claims to offer helpful educational products to its members. it seems that the site is offering e-magazines, live seminars, and an online community for its members. The site further states that what they offer will be very useful for Internet Marketing.

According to the site Lurn Inc. was later created in 2009 to enhance the previous site by giving newer e-learning experience. The further claims, that it offers software that allows it members to pick their own topics and gives them the opportunity to make their own online training centers. The site also states that these training centers can be used by any individual from any part of the globe.

The site seems to offer various products. One has to note that this kind of products are common add-ons amongst other competing sites. also further claims that there are various facts about its founder shown at the site and some of his credentials are shown at the side banner of

One has to be vigilant before committing to any internet marketing. There are lots of promises made online on how to earn easy money. It might be true but do make sure that it is legitimate. Further research should be done and some background checking will definitely do you good.

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