Blogging And Its Relationship With Online Marketing

Dec 19


Mark Barkow

Mark Barkow

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Network marketing which we now know as affiliate advertising has evolved into an important concept for both novice and experienced bloggers alike, as well as to anyone that wishes to invest online. It has been knighted as an easy way for anyone who is internet savvy to make money online. Affiliate programs are seen as the best and easiest way of marketing online for a profit.


An affiliate is a person that is a member of an affiliate program that will earn a commission by advertising and in any other fashion promote products on the website of an affiliate program. This results in sales for the advertiser and the affiliate program. A blogger or affiliate will earn from revenue via referrals for the online company that result in sales.

Relevant clicks refer to the number of impressions on the advertisement that are on the blog or website,Blogging And Its Relationship With Online Marketing Articles visitors to a blog will be clicking on a link that will direct them to a website. Usually, the link on the blog takes the appearance as a banner. When someone clicks on the banner, and does the required action, such as a purchase, leaving an email address, etc, the blogger earns some revenue.

Affiliate programs offer many benefits to both parties. The blogging results in increased traffic to affiliate websites and more sales and revenue for the blogger. However, it is important to understand the context from a legal point of view because all referral fees or other income that comes from the affiliate program should be benefiting the blogger. The blogger must understand how he benefits from this relationship and how to maintain it.

It is vital and is a requirement to acknowledge understanding the terms and conditions of an affiliate contract before agreeing to its term and conditions. A blogger should have a good working knowledge of how revenue from the blog will be generated. He should know the nature of the revenue, whether it be pay per click, pay per lead, or pay per sale of the advertised affiliate product.  This will make crystal clear how the revenue from the ads will be obtained.