Don’t Tell me how to make money. Show Me! Walk me through the process step-by-step like family

Oct 29


Anthony Lee Smith

Anthony Lee Smith

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Surprising as it is, the vast majority of merchants don't take into account that only about 5% of their affiliates make the money. Another 5 – 10% make some money and the rest, on the average don't make any money at all! So why wouldn’t more merchants start showing their affiliates how to make money? Someone has gotten smarter.


It can take a while to figure out what affiliate marketing is all about.  You can buy into programs that sound great, Don’t Tell me how to make money.  Show Me! Walk me through the process step-by-step like family Articles that offered you resell rights, but what good are they if you don’t know how to start marketing them?  Merchants will tell you that you can make lots of money in just days, but if you don’t know how what good is it?  They tell you that it is easy money and that people will flock to their products, but no one shows you how to do it!  They will tell you to market to your opt-in list.  How can you sell to a list that you don’t have?  How do you build a list?  I can be very frustrating!  You know that it must be possible!  After all you are buying these products and you know that with the millions of people on the internet, that other people must be buying them too.  So you know that it is possibile to make money selling other people’s great products, you just need to find out how.   

I went through the same thing and set out on a search.  I scowered the internet looking for someone honest and with good intentions to teach me what I needed to know to be successful; someone that provides good quality training from A to Z with regard to affiliate marketing.  And that’s when I found The Affiliate Classroom. 

Let’s take a look at what it has to offer: 

Product Name: The Affiliate Classroom

Product Type: Monthly Membership Site

Rating/Evaluation: 9 out of 10

Site Link: Affiliate

Product Features: Step by Step Training (66 steps in total) each with its own downloadable guide, Audio Messages, Tutorials on every affiliate marketing subject, Profiles & Evaluations of 100+ affiliate programs to help members choose the right program for them, Marketing Library, Member Forum, Recorded and live interviews with expert marketers, Conference Calls, Case Studies, Affiliate Classroom Magazine, Templates, Special Reports, Software and Scripts, Upsell SystemProduct Summary: Very professional, thorough, up-to-date and relevant content, site owner has rallied an experienced team and has affiliated himself with industry experts to provide a reliable and truely helpful alternative to the thousands of merchants that are interested only in making a quick profit.  Anik Singal has apparently understood the signficance of providing great content mixed with top-level service to help struggling marketers to get to the next level and thereby increase his own level of credibility and integrity.  Take a tour. Who It's For: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Internet Marketers.Product Advantages:  7-day trial period for certain elements of the program and trial of the entire program for $1.  They offer their ACMagazine at no cost.  The highlight of this program is definitely the rich quality of the step-by-step training with all it has to offer.  Members would be hard-pressed to find anything that compares to this program in the industry.  Personalized help if necessary.  Sometimes described as the ‘jackpot’ for those who have been struggling or who have no idea where to begin to resolve their personal issues around internet marketing or affiliate marketing. 

Product Disadvantages: On occasion some members have experienced momentary, temporary glitches trying to log into the forum.  Problems have not been on-going, however.  Small, insignficant mistakes at times in the script.  NoRecommendation:  After scowering the internet for the honest Johns and those who really and truely want to lend a hand to struggling marketers instead of just trying to take their money.  Compliments to Anik Singal and Affiliate Classroom Team, a young star in the internet industry for a job well done.