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Internet offers us the opportunity to make a lot of money online. Usually, when you want to make a lot of money, the first thing that you have to do is you have to double up your effort in order to achieve your goals.

Sadly,Guest Posting people are born with a disease called laziness. Not many people have the drive to keep on working continuously without failed.

Lucky for us, a normal human being, with the internet at our disposal, there are ways for us to still achieve our dream of making a lot of money with or without any efforts at all with the ultimate business model that we called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing offer us the opportunity to make a good income by promoting other people's product. Before we make any decision to join any affiliate program, we have to consider many factors. But the most important factor is to question yourself whether you have the drive to make a continuous effort in order to achieve your goals.

If your answer is no, you still have the chance to earn like a super affiliate by joining a 2 tier affiliate program.

While a 1 tier program usually offers a bigger commissions in terms of percentage when comparing to a 2 tier program, a 2 tier program offers us to become a super affiliate with almost no effort at all. We only have to become an affiliate member of one of the internet merchant and the only thing that we need to do is to recruit another people to join the program as their affiliate marketer.

Imagine of having thousands of affiliate army promoting a product that you don't have to create, a program that you don't have to build, a product that you don't even have to sell but you still make a handsome income every month. With no effort at all.

Nowadays, there are thousands of internet merchant offering a 2 tier program. We have to choose wisely before we come to a decision to join any 2 tier affiliate program to ensure that we can maximize our internet income. We have to join only the top program so that we can maximize our internet income from their proven track records.

The top 3 of the internet merchants that offer a 2 tier program are:

1) Affiliate Classroom

Step-by-Step Training For All Levels of Affiliates

When you join Affiliate Classroom, you’ll have access to the same step by step training formula that generates in 11- 40% increases in business for their students. You’ll not only learn how to launch and grow your own affiliate marketing business… You’ll be part of the Affiliate Classroom family – a community of expert affiliate industry teachers, fellow students, and advanced marketers. The Affiliate Classroom affiliate system is a 2-tier program that awards affiliates $ 10 per sale for the first tier and $ 5 per sale for the 2nd tier. Affiliate Classroom's affiliate program pays a recurring commission – as long as the student you refer stays a member, you will continue to earn month after month!

2) Five Pillar Program

The Five Pillar Program is the affiliate program of SiteSell. They market a range of quality products to help online businesses. To ensure commissions are paid for the life of the customer, SiteSell uses lifetime cookies, an in-depth customer database and cross checking of customer details, making it one of the best tracked and most rewarding programs around. The Five Pillar Program is two-tier and pays between 15% and 30% commissions on the first tier and, depending on how much your referrals earn, up to 20% on the second.

3) ScamFree Zone

The ScamFree Zone Private Site is a great resource for people wanting to learn about Internet marketing, with tons of original material, lots of experts waiting to help for free and an active forum. Affiliates earn residual commission of 50% on monthly membership fees. That’s $14.98 per member per month. This is a two-tier program paying 10% on second tier membership sales. Affiliates also earn 50% first tier and 10% second tier on the sale of quality products which include Internet Success Blueprint, Internet Success Diamonds, Internet Success Spider, Internet Success Interviews and Yahoo Exposed.

Actually you have to decide by yourself on whether any 2 tier affiliate program are tops on your list. Search for a 2 tier affiliate program that suits you. You can find more 2 tier affiliate program by searching for it with your favorite search engine or using a service like Clickbank and PayDotCom.

Start searching for the best 2 tier affiliate program and maybe one day you will earn like a super affiliate without any effort at all.

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