eToro Reviews – Tips and Tactics 2017

Jul 24




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explaining eToro platform and how to start trading with this great platform the article is devided by two parts : - the first helps the beginners to understand and know the advantages of eToro social trading - the second part is to help them to find the good traders to copy and to start earning incomes. the articles is wroted by Mizoguchi


eToro,eToro Reviews – Tips and Tactics 2017  Articles is the most popular and largest trading platform in the world, it was founded in 2007. Currently, more than 5 million worldwide traders earn revenue on this platform. Thousands of new users find their way to it every day and recognize the benefits of social trading.

The great advantage of the social trading in general is the fact that new entrants and beginners benefit from the knowledge of many professional traders. The strategies of the best professional traders on the platform can be easily copied by the new traders.

Overview of the most important facts about eToro platform:

♦ Open an account for only  200$
♦ Regulated by FCA* and CySEC**
♦ Free demo account
♦ Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Options
♦ EToro Club welcome gift >> Click here <<
♦ Mobile versions and application are available
♦ Large number of successful traders
♦ Wide range of investment opportunities available

Start trading with eToro:

Let’s start with the results of our trading tests.

Our test revealed both positive and negative aspects:

1- The positive is that the minimum deposit is only  200$. So beginners like experienced traders can get started easily.

2- The platform offers the ability to track how professionals manage their portfolio, so copying all traders can benefit from their knowledge.

3- One of the many advantages is the free and unlimited demo account, beginners can benefit from this account and use it to sharpen their trading strategies , the platform is available directly online does not require you to install any additional software on your computer.

4- The mobile platform allows users to trade anywhere and at anytime.
5- Like many other brokers, the platform provides a welcome gift.
6- Just as attractive, the affiliate program allows you to sponsor your friends and earn a commission.

Traders Advantages Regarding the eToro platform: The trading platform

Since traders and investors have been interested in the number of available products , we have carefully studied this aspect in our test and have taken a look at it.

After our last test, the conclusion is very positive. eToro now supplies a wider range of marketable assets, which is interesting for beginners and experienced traders.

The platform was created to be able to accommodate the most demanding professional traders. This gives other users the advantage of copying the strategies of these professionals and learning their specific tactics for a wide range of different assets.

Applications are online, so no software download required. In addition, there is also the mobile version for smartphones and tablets. Both versions are easy to understand and also makes the trade easy for beginners. Details can be found on the eToro homepage.

How to find the good traders to copy

eToro now has more than 5 million users and investors. It is possible to sort them by different search methods:

♦ Popularity.
♦ The percentage of gains and losses.
♦ Their interaction on their walls.
♦ Their level of risk (if they take a lot of risk in trading).
♦ Their seniority.

All this in order to choose and copy the best traders in one click and get the best trading results possible.

Traders Compensation Program Copy

eToro pays you according to the number of people who copy you. So you always need to provide the best of yourself to ensure good statistics and so get into the eToro ranking.

Through this system, many traders earn an extra money, in addition to their income generate through their trade win. Many beginners who tackle trading with a new eye quickly generate profits and this makes them been copied by other traders.
It is time for you to take action and start earning you also money through the many benefits of eToro social trading.
The commercial offer and its conditions, in all tests, it is important to look at how to open an account. One positive thing to mention is that with eToro, the minimum deposit to open an account is only 200 USD. This is perfect for new and inexperienced traders. This also limits the initial risk of a new trader who wants to know if the platform is suitable for his needs.

Another positive aspect: the leverage can be quite impressive. With most social trading platforms, leverage of 100: 1 or even 200: 1 is common. However, this social trading network offers up to 400: 1 leverage. Leverage depends on the asset traded. This corresponds to a margin of 0.25%. The spread of the EUR and USD amounts is 3 pips.

The attractive leverage ensures that this platform deserves to be recommended to you and also plays in getting a good final rating for our opinion.

FCA*       : Financial Conduct Authority.

CySEC** : Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

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