How to Find Affiliates to Sell Your Product

Jul 6




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Hey guys I am wondering how most vendors are able to get affiliates to sell their products?
Do they just upload their products on Clickbank and wait for them to promote or do they have other ways of doing this.


When you are ready to sell your product,How to Find Affiliates to Sell Your Product Articles it helps to have people to help you sell it. The question is finding people who will be willing to sell for you. One way to do this is when you get a sale, offer the buyer an incentive. Tell the buyer you will give him 20% to 30% commission for each product he sells. If your product is really good and is in demand, he will want to jump at the opportunity to make money with it.

If you have subscribers, you can also offer to them the chance to be affiliates. Give them a good deal, and they will more than likely jump on it. In order to find affiliates, you first need to know your target market. By knowing your target market, you will find places where affiliates hang out.

One of the best ways to do this is by acting like a customer and searching your keywords in one of the major search engines. Make a note of what sites keep coming up, as these are the businesses you'll approach to join your program.

You can also locate affiliates by searching online directories under subject headings related to your product. You can find these directories by searching using “my business directory.” The keyword “my business” is the business you are in. Or it can be your product you are selling.

You can also find affiliates by going to high-traffic sites that sell ad space. Go to these sites and persuade these sites to let you post your affiliate banner or text link. You can give them some kind of incentive by telling them that if it works well for them, they will have made money. If not, they didn’t lose anything for trying.

Of course, you can always advertise your affiliate request in your e-zines. If you have a big subscriber base, all you would need to do is advertise once or twice, and before you know it, you’ll end up getting a lot of sign-ups.


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