A Flexible Way to Work in the 21st Century

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Locating telecommuting friendly companies

Telecommuting,Guest Posting telework, home-based work programs, virtual work programs, job share, virtual employees, virtual companies, virtual teams. What is all the hype about working virtually? Are these companies with home-based programs or telework programs, legitimate? If so, how can you learn more? And, which telecommuting friendly companies should you keep a close watch on?   

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Sure they do. According to a recent Consumer Survey conducted by The Dieringer Research Group, The number of employed Americans who performed any kind of work from home, with a frequency range from as little as 1 day a year to full-time, grew from 41.3 million in 2003 to 44.4 million in 2004, a 7.5% growth rate. – Source: 2004 American Interactive Consumer Survey  

The group also stated in yet another survey, Teleworkers who worked at home during business hours at least one day per month increased in the past year from 23.5 million to 24.1 million, a 2.6% increase. Of that 24.1 million, 16.5 million are self employed, a 4.4% increase over 2003. This 24.1 million represents 18.3 percent of employed adult Americans, nearly one-fifth of the workforce. - Source: 2004 American Interactive Consumer Survey 

So, how do you locate these companies offering flexible work programs? I took a little trip on the world wide web to do a little researching of my own and the first thing I noticed was that to conduct this type of research could take a person hours. So, if you’re up to it, grab your favorite fruit juice and happy researching. However, if you prefer not to reinvent the wheel, below is a list of some of my findings. 

For the most part, these companies either have or intend to implement some form of flexible work program, either telework or home-base or who knows they may call it some other name. The key is to learn who the companies are, begin your research about the company; establish initial contact (this will most likely be by email or with someone in Human Resources).   

Tip 1: be sure to have your resume in ready-for-submission status (in the wonderful event, you’re asked to submit it).

Tip 2: create a telework contacts communication folder in both your email inbox and office filing system, to keep track of who you contacted.   

It’s very important to stay on top of this research once you get a routine established, and finally, don’t forget to follow-up. People (especially HR Managers) are inundated with resumes, emails, and phone calls all day, everyday. So to keep your name fresh in their mind, follow-up about 2 times a month and don’t forget your manners, show your appreciation for their time by sending a hand-written “Thank You” note card (makes your thank you more personal). 

Now let’s move on to the telecommuting friendly companies list. Please let me know if you score an interview or even better a position with one of these companies. Wishing you all the best with your research for telework!

Telecommuting Friendly Companies National List A through Z 

This listing is for informational purposes ONLY. The appearance of these companies in this listing Does NOT mean that they have positions (telecommuting or non telecommuting) available. These are companies which have a telecommute program, will have a program or consider telecommuting on a per position basis.

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