How To Improve Your ClickBank Affiliate's Link

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The Clickbank is a service that offers merchants the opportunity to offer their products for sale with a Clickbank Affiliate Link,Guest Posting and the Clickbank also has affiliates who earn referral commissions when they sell one of his products.

  • Each Clickbank merchant has an unique Clickbank Affiliate Link that contains it´s nickname. The nickname
  • The Clickbank uses the nicknames to track who makes each sale, and who is owed what.
  • The Clickbank is also one of the best means to build an affiliate program with a minimmum expense.

If you have products to sell and want to accept credit card´s payments, or whould like to have your own affiliates program, or would like to offer at your web site some of the thousands of good products that the Clickbank offers and earn a commission each time you make a sale, you can join up the Clickbank here:


If you join our affiliate program (and you can do it for free clicking here:, your own clickbank affiliate link will be: Each time that someone clicks over the above link, is taken to the Clickbank where a cookie with the merchant (The ClickBank) and the affiliate (Easy Home Businessd) nicknames are set, then the Clickbank will immediately redirect you to our landing page. It´s all so fast that the browser will send the visitor to our landing page within seconds (if network traffic is not congested or the ClickBank servers aren´t slow).


When you affiliate to the Clickbank you must specify the page where all referrals will land, and it´s only one for each affiliate, and this has three drawbacks:

  • For the Clickbank affiliates: Other Clickbank affiliates, if they are ready to buy, can substitute your nickname for theirs (they only need to copy and paste the link into the browser´s address bar, substituting your nickname for theirs). And once they do that, the purchase´s commission will be for them and not for you.
  • For the Clickbank affiliates and you as a Clickbank merchant: If you as a merchant have more than one sales page (one for each one of your products), you must direct all the customers to the one and only landing page that the Clickbank gives you, and there they will be required to click to another link or two before finding one of your product´s sales page. This need of scrolling through a list of products until they find the right link, may be too much for someone with a weak interest in your product.
  • For you as a Clickbank´s merchant: if you have an affiliate´s network, the link they will use to sell your products, will do nothing to boost your site´s ranking in the search engines


Using a special JavaScript can solve those three problems AFFILIATES If you join our free affiliates program, the following link will send your customers to our "How to Sell on the Web" sales web page: or You only need to replace YOURNICKNAME with your own Clickbank nickname, and even if some other affiliate changes YOURNICKNAME by his, YOU will receive the commission (Read HOW THE CLICKBANK AFFILIATE LINK WORKS to know why)


The JavaScript that we use is free to use, Clickbank affiliates do not need to also register with you, and it´s more attractive for Clickbank affiliates to send referrals your way because they will not be risking their commission.


  • The product page´s JavaScript takes a look at the URL used to arrive at the page, and if it contains a ? or # character, everything following that character (YOURNICKNAME) is assumed to be a Clickbank affiliate nickname, so it stores a cookie in the referral´s browser.
  • That cookie will say which product page was the original destination.
  • After the cookie is stored, the JavaScript will construct a normal Clickbank´s affiliate link and redirect the browser to it.
  • Once the browser arrives at the Clickbank, the Clickbank will store the affiliate and merchant´s nicknames with a cookie and redirect the browser to the merchant´s referral landing page.
  • At the landing page, the JavaScript will look for the cookie with the original destination, and if found, the browser will be redirected to the product page it originally came from. This is all so fast that will happen within a second, or thereabouts (unless network traffic is congested, or Clickbank or your server are slow) So the referral will be sent to the exact product page he is looking for, and the Clickbank affiliate link will be stored on a cookie, that will tell the Clickbank who has to be paid a commission.


You will need two sets of JavaScript code:

  • One set for yor referral landing page. This is the page that you specify in your Clickbank´s account control panel (the Clickbank calls it the "Homepage URL")
  • Another set for each one of your product´s sales pages. The JavaScript is free and you can copy it from:


The referral landing page´s JavaScript only needs one customization: You need to specify a cookie name (It can be any sequence of alphanumeric characters, but must be different from other cookie names that you use on your site) Once you customize the JavaScript you only need to paste the code into the HEAD area of your landing page´s source code The product page´s JavaScript requires to be customized on two places, you need to specify the cookie name that you choose on the previous step, and your Clickbank´s account nickname. Once you customize the JavaScript you only need to paste the code into the HEAD area of your landing page´s source code


  • Set your browser to ask permission before accepting cookies
  • Type an affiliate URL into your browser like
  • Replace YOURNICKNAME with your own Clickbank nickname
  • When the browser arrives at the affiliate URL, it will ask you permission to set a cookie. Answer YES, and your browser witll redirect you the Clickbank where another cookie will ask for permission to be set (this will be the Clickbank´s tracking cookie)
  • After you answer YES for the second cookie your browser will redirect you to your referral landing page, and then it will immediately return to the original product page´s destination (then the ? or # character and the affiliate code will no longe be in the address bar) TESTING WITHOUT PERMISSION ASKED
  • Set your browser not to ask permission before accepting cookies
  • Type an affiliate URL into your browser And you will notice how fast the whole process really is. NOTE: This JavaScript was created by Will Bontrager, I use it at my web site and it works as well as I tell you on this article. If you are looking for top quality scripts, visit: Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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