IMMACC Business Review

Sep 16


Greg Preite

Greg Preite

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IMMACC, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center, has been educating individuals effectively since 2008. Here's the inside information on IMMACC's recently announced upgraded business plan.

IMMACC,IMMACC Business Review Articles Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center (formerly Big Ticket to Wealth), has announced it's conversion to a simplified and niche specific marketing plan. Company owner, Gerald Van Yerxa, announced on a conference call held on August 31, 2010, that this move would catapult the company into a period of fantastic growth and development. IMMACC, was launched in January of 2008 and has grown to an industry leader in the area of internet marketing and training. Members have access to over 500 hours of video archived trainings, 20-30 hours of live training per month, and personalized one on one mentoring with internet marketing experts worldwide. IMMACC offers a complete and thorough training program that can take individuals with no internet experience and guide them through the steps required to achieve success with an online business. Prospective members can join the program whether or not they currently have a business. Van Yerxa likens his program to an upper level college marketing course, with a few noted exceptions. "Because our program is live and ongoing, it is dynamic. We can make changes as the internet changes so that our members are always getting the newest and freshest information. College courses and seminars teaching out of a textbook would have a much more difficult time keeping up with real-life changes." On top of the groundbreaking educational program, members of IMMACC also are given the option to market the company as an affiliate at no additional cost. Every sale generates a $1000 commission for the affiliate and, as a bonus, a matching override is paid to the affiliate's sponsor. This feature is relatively unheard of in the world of affiliate marketing- a second level override, and it sets IMMACC apart from other affiliate opportunities. It should be noted that IMMACC is not an MLM as commissions are only paid on 2 levels. This structure, however, does give the internet novice an opportunity for income generation without having to start or own a current business. IMMACC also offer one additional component that clearly sets it apart from other educational programs- Keyword Research. Each month, the company researches thousands of long-tail keyword phrases to find those with low competition. They then pass these phrases on to the membership who can then use them in their marketing efforts to have greater success being noticed by the search engines. This gives IMMACC members a huge advantage over their competition. IMMACC has a history of developing successful internet marketers. Their focus is training, education, and one on one mentoring/coaching. Ultimately, the results that one obtains are directly related to the effort they put forth and can not be guaranteed. However, if one is looking to establish a solid knowledge of internet marketing and has the desire and comittment to own their own business, then IMMACC would be an excellent choice.

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