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I love going for Internet Marketing information sharing sessions. The reason is because it allows fellow Internet Marketers to share really useful information with one another. I just went for one information sharing session not too long ago and like to share with you some learning pointers.

2 Internet Marketing gurus were invited to the session - namely Frank ( and Ben ( to share their experiences,Guest Posting as well as some tips on selling online.

Finding your sub-niches

Everybody has been saying that in order to be able to make money online, you have to target a particular niche market.

However, there are now so many people selling in any niche market. Take the topic “Golf” for example. Do a search on Google. There are so many sites on it – ranging from golf balls to golf shoes to golf clubs to golf t-shirts to golf bags to golf caps, etc. There are also sites on golf for beginners, golf for intermediates, golf for professionals, how to play like Tiger Woods, etc. There are 1001 sub-topics on the word “Golf” itself. These are sub-niches. Narrow down your content to these sub-niches. Chances are you’ll find yourself getting better sales compared to when you are writing content on a general topic like “Golf”.

Ben’s model of selling

Ben writes reports on a particular topic and gives them away in eBay for free. He also allows people to freely distribute or re-sell these reports. So how does he make money by writing these reports? You see, in each of his reports, not only does it contain information about a certain topic, such as golf, it also contain affiliate links to golf products – such as golf hats, golf balls, golf shoes, etc. He’ll receive commission when people click on the affiliate links to purchase the products.

In order to download his report, you will have to first access his webpage, which will contain some information about the report, followed by a box asking you to fill in your name and email address. You will then be directed to a page where you can download the report. The contact information you entered will be captured into Ben’s database of potential customers, which will allow him to follow-up on the products he is selling, and also to introduce new products.

So how does Ben capture the contact information of other readers of his report, if they did not download directly from his website, but receive it from their friends?

What Ben does is that he’ll write a message “To download the most updated version of this report, please visit my website” at the very first page of his report. People will normally want to read the most updated version (that’s human nature) of the report. They’ll click on the link to go to Ben’s website and download it. However, before they can download the report, they have to provide their name and email address. Bingo! Their contact information is now being added to Ben’s database of potential customers.

Simple concept, yet effective, isn’t it? If Ben can do it, so can we! To find out more about Ben’s products, visit his web at

Selling as affiliates

There are a whole range of products where you can sell as affiliate in Clickbank ( and Commision Junction (

Clickbank sells mostly digital products (e.g. ebooks, videos, audio programs, etc), while Commission Junction sells mostly physical products (e.g. vitamin tablets, golf apparels, watches, etc). When you sell a certain product as an affiliate, the merchant will give you a unique link (which is your affiliate link), that identifies you uniquely. When the buyer clicks on your affiliate link to purchase the product, they will credit the commission to your account.

I would like to wish you all the best in your affiliate success.

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