Know More About Type And Styles Of Novelty Contact Lenses Available

Nov 21


Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith

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When you wear contacts, you will want a contact lens supplier that is reputable and trustworthy. But this doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar. It's not that hard to find en eyewear specialist that will offer discount contact lenses


There are a variety of contact lenses in the market nowadays like Disposable contact lenses,Know More About Type And Styles Of Novelty Contact Lenses Available Articles Toric contact lenses, Regular contact lenses, Novelty Contact Lenses etc. Novelty contact lenses are like normal soft contact lenses with an added feature that a design is imprinted on the lens to give a special Novelty effect to the eyes.

Novelty contact lenses, also known as Beauty contact lenses or Fashion contact lenses, can change the look of your eyes so as to give them a fashionable and more beautiful look. With Novelty contact lenses you can change the color and shape of your eyes and can make them look more attractive. There is a huge variety of designs which are imprinted over the contact lens like flags, bears etc.

Such funky lenses where first introduced for Halloween parties and from then onwards they became famous with users. Novelty contact lenses are mostly used by teenagers to give themselves a different look, actors in the film and on Halloween parties.

Mainly there are three types of Novelty contact lenses known as Colored, Crazy and Flash contact lenses.

Colored Novelty Contact Lenses: If you desire to change the color of your eyes, then there is a huge range of colors like violet, hazel, blue, brown, gray, green, blue, etc. are available for your eye lens. Such colors are preferable for light eyes but can also be used for dark colored eyes.

Crazy Novelty Contact Lenses: Such type of Novelty lenses are specially worn at the occasion of Halloween. Crazy contact lenses contain a variety of designs that are imprinted over the lens, to give your eyes a different look. There are around thirty different designs which you can find in Crazy contact lenses. For example, crazy wheel, fan, red, wolf, smile, nuclear and many more.

Flash Novelty Contact Lenses: If you like to be a center of attraction at the dance floor in a disco, pub or club, then such type of novelty contact lenses are the best choice for you. In normal day light, such lenses appear to be like normal colored lenses but in disco lights or under black lights, these lenses glow supernaturally. Such Flash contact lenses are also available in a variety of colors like Pink flash, Blue flash, Green Flash, Yellow flash, etc.

All types of Novelty contact lenses are Plano. This means that they can be worn without any prescription as no power is added to them. These types of Plano lenses are specifically designed for those fashionable people, whose eyes are normal but want to wear the glasses to change their looks and personality.

Thus, if you too want to try out some fashion trends, the best way to change the look of your eyes is to go for Novelty contact lenses. But before buying a pair it is advisable to consult a doctor and take necessary precautions while trying them out on you.