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Instead of focusing on the phrases “90% of all affiliate marketers make little or no money” and “90% of internet based affiliate home businesses fail”, here are some tips to help you become one of the successful 10%.

Firstly,Guest Posting it is really important to understand that the success of your internet based affiliate home business depends totally on you.  Your commitment and attitude towards your business and your expectations from it are of primary importance.

Start with a ‘never quit’ attitude which requires that you be determined to press on when the going gets tough, persist through thick and thin, have good work habits, are prepared to continually learn and apply new knowledge and skills, have the courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into the driving seat after a fall.

Are you thinking:  Why do I require all these qualities? The answer is because it is not a free lunch running a successful internet based affiliate home business.  Yes, many of the sales letters you see make it sound like the internet is a slot machine tipped heavily in favour of the gambler.  This in turn distorts the expectations of the internet marketer.

Be prepared to work really hard to get your business up and running before making any serious money.  Too many internet marketers throw in the towel and quit when they have not made any money in their first 30 days, so don’t expect to earn any money for the first few months  Expect to make mistakes as you go through the learning curve, these will only strengthen you and vastly improve your knowledge.

Before starting your internet based affiliate home business, if you can grasp the fact that you are starting a proper business, albeit online, and decide that you have the qualities required are prepared to do the hard work and understand that it takes time to build a profitable business then success is within your reach.

Here are some more really important tips to help you make a success of your internet based affiliate home business.

You will be wasting so much time, money and energy if you do not start your internet based affiliate home business with your own domain and website.  Why?  You need to have full control of your business.  You must have access to your source code.  This will enable you to choose the keywords that you want to optimize your site for and then if you don’t already know html, learn it and prepare your website for the search engines.

When you are in control of your business you will be able to choose what affiliate programs or internet business opportunities you want to promote.  You need to be able to remove a program that is not performing and add a different one.

You’ll be able to build the all important opt-in list and you can do this by adding a subscription based newsletter to your website and installing an auto-responder.

With your own website you will be able to add unique content to your website to not only attract website visitors but also to improve your position in the search engine results.  Adding your own unique personally written articles to your site is a great idea.

You will be able to add 5 or 6 different, yet complementary affiliate programs to your website, thereby giving your website visitors a choice and the opportunity for you to earn multiple streams of residual income.

You will be able to exchange links with other quality websites and even sell advertising space on your site.

As the internet is such a fast moving environment you will need to keep yourself abreast of the changes that may affect your internet based affiliate home business and therefore continually be in learning mode.

It is really important that you give yourself time to learn how to build and market your business on the internet.  Aim to spend most of your time using internet marketing methods that build quality back links to your website, by way of for example, article marketing.  The more quality links you have pointing to your website the further up the search engine results your website will appear.  So, rather count your back links instead of dollars.

If you adopt the right attitude, change your expectations, get into action and apply all you can learn on a consistent daily basis you will be on the road that leads to internet based affiliate home business success. 

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