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Are you an affiliate marketer who is interested in paying for guaranteed sign ups to help grow your downline? This article will explain what you will receive in return for your money.

You've seen the advertisements before where you are guaranteed to receive 100 sign ups to your affiliate program,Guest Posting all for $199. Guaranteed sign ups are offered by companies online who promise to deliver leads or new sign ups to the affiliate program or MLM opportunity you happen to be promoting in exchange for a fee which they say goes into advertising and promotion of your affiliate link. Primarily they are offering these advertising services for those requiring free sign up programs and not paid programs. This article will take you through what happens after you pay these companies.

Guaranteed sign up companies may actually deliver all of the sign ups they say to your affiliate program or MLM opportunity. The only problem is that you are likely to get space fillers. Meaning that none of the new sign ups will ever take any action once they join or the leads were not targeted, and therefore are of low quality. You see, it's not enough to get sign ups, they have to be active in order for you to make money or benefit in any way. Even though the company guaranteeing sign ups have lived up to their obligation, all too often the consumer doesn't reap any benefits.

The reason that these new sign ups don't take action is because the majority of guaranteed sign up companies have deals on the other end where they pay people per sign up to join your program. It might be a small fee paid for each person who signs up at your site. It is sort of like being paid to take surveys online. In this case they are payed to sign up to your affiliate program or MLM opportunity. These sign ups only interest might by the small amount of money they are paid to sign up. In fact, they may have created the e-mail address they signed up with for the purpose of collecting spam. Which includes any e-mail you might be sending to assist them with the affiliate program or business opportunity.

If you still want to go forward with purchasing guaranteed sign ups then testing is definitely in order. A simple way to test whether the new sign ups you receive are active is to send a welcome message to each new sign up(this may already be part of your affiliate marketing strategy). Add a link to a resource or free e-book in this welcome e-mail, but use a tracking URL to count how many times the page has been viewed. You will find that your sign ups from targeted marketing such as article marketing and blogging actually click the links you send them. Those who are space fillers will never click your links because the company was not reputable in the first place.

Overall, guaranteed sign ups are not a viable solution to for any affiliate marketing or MLM business opportunity. In fact, truthful marketers will tell you that there is no quick fix and that it takes consistent action and effort to create sign ups that are responsive and active in your organization. Depending on proven marketing strategies such as article marketing, blogging, and search engine optimization is a proven path to success. Guaranteed sign up companies know how to advertise to those who are desperate to see their affiliate list grow as soon as possible, but patience and the learning of strategies that work is a smarter choice that will cost you much less of your hard earned money.

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