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There are many different ways to generate income with online businesses but affiliate marketing continually rankings as one of the most popular. Take a look at any online promotion or online businesses forum and you will see hundreds and hundreds of individuals asking questions about affiliate marketing and how they can generate income from it.

Affiliate marketing is where you recommend other individuals' items and in return the owner of the item pays you a percentage if someone you have referred purchases the items or services.

You can create your own items or services and be very successful with it,Guest Posting but if you are just entering the world of online businesses, affiliate marketing makes the process easier. It also gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience without having to deal with the multiple tasks and obligations associated with being the designer or vendor.

For example, if you create your own item as a vendor, you are responsible for all client assistance queries and demands, and you need to invest time updating your item, working on keeping it continually fresh and current based on industry demand. It's your job to satisfy customers, to handle refund demands, and to continually perform to get the best conversion rate.

As an affiliate marketer however, you never have to invest any money on the product development, delivery or customer assistance issues.

You do have to do some work though! As with any business, if you are looking for an internet businesses to run from home and you choose affiliate marketing, you do have to drive web page visitors to the vendor's websites so that individuals will buy the item.

Affiliate marketing, as home internet businesses go, is very attractive because it is easy to get started. As mentioned, there is no need to create or source items of your own to sell - all you have to do is get individuals to click on your online weblink and buy the item.

How much can you expect to earn with affiliate marketing?

Commissions vary widely from online plan to online plan. This can be as little as 1% and as much as 100%.

How do vendors know which online affiliate sent them the customer?

When you advertise an item as an affiliate marketer you will be given a unique online weblink. This is basically a weblink to the vendor's web page which the potential client clicks to visit the vendor's web page. The weblink is monitored by cookies (small files which are stored on a customer's computer) and the you get  paid when the client purchases something from that web page if they visited via your weblink.

How do you find items to sell?

To find items to advertise for your online businesses, you can go to the most well-know online network of electronic goods called Clickbank. It includes eBooks, reports, courses, electronic membership sites etc. They have items available for just about every industry for online businesses.

PayDotCom is another of the big online networks who focus on ebooks and, of course, there is the Amazon online affiliate programme if you are interested in promoting physical items.

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