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I know what it takes to make money online, and more importantly I know how to watch what others are doing to increase my own bank roll. A good PPC Spy program may be all you need to take your online business from zero to hero in no time at all. As a top affiliate marketer I know what makes a good PPC Spy.

Whenever you market anything online it's the guy that gets the traffic that wins. It isn't a secret,Guest Posting there's no rocket science behind it, it's just true. You could have the most well-developed site on the planet and if nobody is visiting it, well it doesn't matter anyway. For most online businesses pay-per-click advertising is the method of choice to drive visitors.

Unfortunately, PPC is complicated and it can become costly for beginners to the game. A PPC Spy will watch what others in your market are doing and then give you that information so that you can improve upon their results. With so many PPC spy's out there choosing the right one can be difficult.

With that, let's just start by covering what a PPC Spy program is and is not.

First, a PPC Spy program is NOT really a method for spying on your competitors. What it does do is allow you to see which keywords they are making money with, and in turn use that information to make money yourself.

Second, NOT everyone will need a PPC Spy. If you don't make use of pay-per-click advertising then you will just be wasting your time and money.

Third, a PPC Spy IS an excellent way to gain an advantage with your online marketing. Finding keywords that really bring customers (instead of just visitors) is hard. This simple piece of software makes earning money simple Using a PPC Spy you'll guarantee that the traffic you pay for is quality traffic - that will make you sales!

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right PPC Spy then you shouldn't bother at all. A poorly designed PPC Spy will actually make your campaign worse. The last thing you need is to end up spending more money without any results.

To sort the junk from the real products on the market, I, along with a few friends, took the time to evaluate the top PPC Spy programs on the market. We based our evaluations on the following criteria.

PPC Spying - Obviously our main rating was based on how well the PPC Spy did what it was designed to do. That is get: keyword data, keyword cost statistics, traffic volumes, and more from our competitors campaigns.

Ease of Learning - Most of these tools have a slight learning curve. The easier it was to learn, the higher we rated it.

Ease of Installation - Many PPC Spy's are intended to be installed with your site. If that was the case, how easy was it to install?

Ease of Use - Once we got the software running how simple was getting the data we needed?

Automation - The best PPC Spying software is automated so that you can just set it up and then leave it alone. Higher marks were given to the tools we didn't have to adjust all the time.

Value of the Data - Some PPC Spy's perform better than others. Was the data that the program gave us worth something?

Sales Made after Using - We didn't just evaluate these tools with new ad campaigns. We also used them with existing campaigns. Did the tool actually help us make more sales than we already were by suggesting better keywords, different bid structures, etc?

Over-all Rating - Based on everything above, how did the PPC Spy rate overall?

To test each tool we used the tool for two ad campaigns over a period of time. All of those who were involved in testing run 20 - 30 ad campaigns at any given time (for the purposes of affiliate marketing). There were three of us, and each of us tested the tools over a 1 month period. Below you will find our results for the top five PPC Spying Tools on the market today.

The results shown are pretty self-explanatory, and PPC Web Spy was obviously the clear winner, but if you do need any help choosing the software that's right for you don't hesitate to email me (info@reviewsaboutcentral.com).

Once you get your PPC Spy up and running be sure to contact me (email above) and let me know. Just drop me a line telling me what you're doing and how well the tool worked to improve your business. I like to hear other's experiences in the marketing game.

To Making Money Online - The Easy Way,

Dallas Thompson


PPC Web Spy



PPC Spying

Ease of Use

Sales Made

Overall Rating

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#1 Rated PPC Spy for 2011

The clear winner from our tests was PPC Web Spy. The program was designed by Brad Callen, and this one should top your list if you are looking to make money online. PPC Web Spy is more than just another spying tool and it had a few features that really set it apart.

When you begin using PPC Web Spy, the first thing you'll notice is how wonderfully simple it is to use. The main program is designed as a FireFox add-on so keyword research is as simple as doing Google searches with the FireFox browser.

When you search a term you are present with a link to view keyword data beside every single ad on the page. With one click you can see history of the advertiser, clicks per day, cost per click, and number of visitors brought on by that keyword.

If you want even more information you can click "get keyword suggestions" and you will be presented with other, related keywords, that others are making money with.

This one is more than just a PPC Spy though, it has features that makes it a powerful tool for researching a new market. It is able to estimate the real costs of advertising in any niche, and in turn can let you know whether you will be able to make make money in that market at a reasonable price.

The thing I like most about PPC Web Spy was the value of the data. Whether I was using it to improve a campaign, or start a new one, everything that I found did help me to improve my own campaigns and to make more money!

For being simple yet powerful we are giving PPC Web Spy the #1 spot.

Adware Award 2009

December Update: At this moment Brad Callen has reduced the price of PPC Web Spy to only $97. I've been told that this offer will last only for a limited-time, and that soon the tool will jump back up to its original price of $147. If you're in the market for the best PPC Spying tool, then now is the time to get it!

In Summary: PPC Web Spy is both the simplest and most effective tool out their for getting information on keywords. We are giving this one the award for being the best, and it will be added to all of our marketing toolboxes.

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Affiliate Ellite


PPC Spying

Ease of Use

Sales Made

Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

2. Affiliate Elite

In second place we have another tool by Brad Callen (apparently this guy knows PPC spying). This one is called Affiliate Elite, and in truth it performed almost as well as PPC Web Spy.

Affiliate Elite is a Windows application that runs on your desktop and performs many of the same functions as our winner did. It can gather data surrounding any keyword (or web site) and tell you what keywords are being advertised consistently and which ones aren't.

The data that you get from Affiliate Elite is almost as good as that which PPC Web Spy will supply you, but there are two reasons this one is in second.

First, it doesn't allow you to research new markets like our winner did. We found this feature to be very useful and because Affiliate Elite couldn't do it we rated it lower in PPC Spying.

Next, since it's a windows application, it wouldn't work for one of our testers (he ran a Mac). This took away from our rating for ease of use and the overall ratings.

Even with the complaints though, Affiliate Elite is an excellent PPC Spy. For those who don't need the extra functionality of our winner, this would be my next choice.

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Keyword Spy


PPC Spying

Ease of Use

Sales Made

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

3. Keyword Spy Pro

Keyword Spy Pro has been around for quite a while. We actually expected this one to end up somewhere in our top five. And, what do you know? It did!

Keyword Spy Pro is a web based research tool that allows you to view ad campaign data by searching for keywords or by entering a web site URL.

Overall it's an excellent tool for seeing which keywords others are making money with. We especially like the graphs that this one gives. It makes for an great visual representation of advertiser history, competition, and keyword history. The charts make it simple to instantly judge whether a keyword will be profitable or not.

Where this one failed a bit, compared to our top two, was with its data. Some keywords simply weren't available and by the same token some sites weren't either. We checked these with our winner and did find data. This suggests that Keyword Spy Pro is about a month behind in its search data.

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Keyword Evacuator

Rating 6.9/10

PPC Spying

Ease of Use

Sales Made

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

4. ADSpy Pro

In fourth place we have ADSpy pro. In terms of PPC Spying it did fine. I would say it perfomed as well as Keyword Spy Pro, but the major difference between AdSpyPro and other applications, such as SpyFu, KeywordSpy and Hexatrack is that the data and information is stored on your own server for improved security.

One of the major criticisms of other spying tools is that the data is potentially at risk of being compromised since it does not reside on your own server.

To its credit, ADSpy Pro is also capable of making suggestions to improve SEO of your site. AdSpyPro can be very beneficial if used correctly. Keep in mind that this are merely a tool and will only be helpful in solving the question of what is likely to be a profitable market.

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The Fat Rich Pig


PPC Spying

Ease of Use

Sales Made

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

5. PPC Annihilation

The last product on our list is called PPC Annihilation. Now I have to say before we move on that this one isn't just a PCC spy. It is an affiliate program that comes with PPC Spy capabilities.

The problem is that it fails miserably at both. Being someone who works as an affiliate marketer in many different markets I could suggest 4 or 5 packages that will make you more money that this one, and as far as PPC spying is concerned, it didn't do to well.

I would recommend every other product on our list before this one. Oddly enough though, it performed better than three other products we tested (the ones that didn't make our top five) and it ended up with a solid fifth place!

For those looking for a PPC Spy, you'll be better off with PPC Web Spy.

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