Flexispy - is Flexispy the Ultimate Cell Phone Spy Live Call Spy it made out to be?

Sep 15


Jack Mackay

Jack Mackay

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Flexispys 3 cell phone spy plans, Flexispy Satisfaction Guarantee, Flexispy Members Area, Flexispy Customer Support, Flexispy cell phone spy download...


Flexispy cell phone spy is one of the first cell phone spy software program to emerge online. Flexispy is most well known for being the originators of the Live call Spy and Room Spy Bugging features. Live call spy is a feature that notifies you the minute the phone you are spying on makes or receives a call. You can then silently intercept that phone call and hear EVERYTHING both sides of the conversation are saying without either one having a clue you are FlexiSPYING on them. One of Flexispy cell spy most powerful and sought after features. Room spy bugging lets you turn the target phone (the one you are spying on) into a room bugging device. The cell phone acts as a microphone so you can hear everything going on around the cell phone. This feature gets activated by you with a mere special SMS command sent to the cell phone you are spying on.

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Flexispy has 3 cell phone spy plans

  1. Flexispy Basic Spy - this spyplan is the least expensive Flexispy plan at $149 for one year. This mobile plan only has the same basic cell phone spy features as most other much less expensive cell phone spy plans (call history spy,Flexispy - is Flexispy the Ultimate Cell Phone Spy Live Call Spy it made out to be? Articles sms history spy, email spy, gps tracking spy of the target cell phone). SpyBubble, for example, has all these spy features and even a few more for just a one time payment of $49! So if all you need are these basic spying features Flexispy is probably not a good choice as you would be spending much more money than you need to.
  2. Flexispy Pro Spy - this spyplan costs $249 for one year. You get the same spy features with Flexispy Pro as you do with Flexispy Basic plus the addition of the previously mentioned room spy bug feature. The added room spy bugging feature justifies the price of $249.
  3. Flexispy ProX Spy - This is the complete Flexispy spying package. The Flexispy ProX plan has all the spy features of the Flexispy Basic AND Flexispy Pro PLUS the addition of the live call spy feature. Total price for Flexispy ProX - $349 for a year.

Methods of Payment Flexispy Accepts for their Cell Phone Spy Software/Membership

- Credit Card - Most Visa, M/C, AmEx and Maestro cards are accepted. - Wire Transfer - Direct Bank to Bank transfer (see description below). - WebMoney - An online payment alternative.

Flexispy Satisfaction Guarantee

Flexispy has a pretty weak satisfaction guarantee overall. All three cell phone spy plans, Flexispy Basic, Flexispy Pro, and Flexispy ProX, all come with a 10 day money back guarantee of satisfaction. Normally this fact would cause me to lower my overall grade of Flexispy for a cell phone spy but I know the reason Flexispy has only a 10 day guarantee is to prevent abuse of their spy software. This helps deter freebie seekers from trying to use Flexispy for a short period of time and then attempt to return it claiming dissatisfaction with the mobile spy product. If for any reason Flexispy does not work like it is suppose Flexispy will give you your money back even if it is past the 10 day mark. In fact here is the exact guarantee for Flexispy taken directly from their web site: If for any reason you are unhappy with your product within the first 10 days of purchase, we will refund your money in full. Also, if you are having any problems running the software and request our help during this time, we will extend the refund period while we actively work with you to resolve the problem. As long as you contact us during the initial refund period, you never have to worry about running out of time in case it doesn't work for you.

Flexispy Members Area

Here is a view inside Flexispy members area so you can see exactly what type of spy details you will be able to view on the cell phone you are spying on. The members area of Flexispy is both simple but yet complete.

Flexispy Custom Support Center

Should you have any questions before OR after joining Flexispy there are three types of help available should you have any cell phone spying questions. These three areas of Flexispy technical support include:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions - this is a compilation of questions that are most frequently asked by past customers of Flexispy. More than likely you WILL find the answer to your mobile phone spying question here.
  2. Submit Ticket - In the event the answer to your phone spying question is NOT answered in the FAQ submit a ticket is where you fill out a short form submitting information about your cell phone spying question in a manner that allows the Flexispy staff to answer you customized question as quickly as possible. Generall you can expect a reply by the next morning.
  3. Live Operator Chat - this feature sort of like instant messaging with a member of Flexispy support staff. Wait times are usually short and you can expect an answer to your question rapidly with this form of technical support.

Cell Phones Flexispy Works On

Flexispy works on a wide range of most all cell phones including most Blackberry cell phones, Androids, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and IPhones. To be sure Flexispy will effectively and properly spy on the cell phone you want to spy on every single page of the Flexispy web site has a menu bar at the top. Click the menu item Phones which will display each and every cell phone Flexispy will work on.

How Do You Install Flexispy to the Target Cell Phone?

After your order is successfully completed, you will receive a Welcome Email sent to the same address you signed up with. This contains all the information to download and configure your new software. Enter the download location into the Target phone's web browser and the installation will automatically begin. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes if the phone is already configured with Internet access.

Do you need to have access to the target phone to install Flexispy?

Yes. The entire install process takes about 10-15 minutes. Installing Flexispy is a matter of navigating to the web address of the actual Flexispy spy app. Once downloaded and install the final process of install involves rebooting the cell phone which means shutting it down and restarting. Once complete Flexispy runs every time the cell phone is turned on. Flexispy runs in the background, hidden, so the person you are spying on will not know the Flexispy app has been installed to his mobile device.

Can Flexispy be Installed and Used to Spy on Multiple Mobile Phones?

No. Purchase entitles you to spy on only one device at a time however you can switch or change the device you want to spy on as many times as you wish.