Nov 21


Dr. Bill Nieporte

Dr. Bill Nieporte

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To succeed as a ... program" marketer you will need tolearn one ... skill. It is a skill has nothing to do withSPAM ... posting to FFA pages, or placing ... Ads. In fact


To succeed as a "affiliate program" marketer you will need to
learn one essential skill. It is a skill has nothing to do with
SPAM campaigns,PUTTING PEOPLE IN A BUYING MOOD Articles posting to FFA pages, or placing FREE
Classified Ads. In fact these "marketing" techniques are usually
counterproductive. Why? Because they waste valuable time that
could be using on more productive efforts.

So what is that ONE essential skill you must master as an
affiliate program marketer? It is the art of PRE-SELLING the
product(s) you represent. In other words, you need to put people
in a "buying mood" before sending them to your affiliate web
site. Then--if your affiliate program provides you with an
effective online sales presentation--you will notice a huge
increase in your monthly commission checks.

This article will introduce you to three simple "preselling"
strategies that you can employ IMMEDIATELY to put people in a
buying mood.


My mentor Mike Enlow teaches the importance of PROVING yourself
before inviting people to join you in some sort of business
venture. One of the ways Mike does this is by offering people
marketing course called "Online Stealth Marketing." This course
gives readers a wealth of material (for free) that thousands have
used to double and even triple their home-based income. (If you
haven't read this course you should download right now at

What efforts are you making to prove yourself--to prove the
claims you are making about yourself marketing methods, your
software product, or whatever it is you are selling?

What are some popular and effective methods for proving your
worth? Here's several methods that are being used with great

1. Give away a free marketing course or ebook
2. Extend people a free trial download of your software program
3. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers
4. Offer valuable and FREE information

Basically find some ways to "go the extra mile." This will help
you potential clients trust you and will put them in a buying


Wouldn't it be great if you could get all the publishers with
whom you advertise to endorse your affiliate program? Sure it
would! Ezine publishers usually have a positive relationship
with their list members. You need to find some ways to
capitalize on this relationship.

Your best method--of course--is to enter into a joint venture
with them, registering them as an affiliate and earning a "no
fuss" residual from their efforts. But what if they are not
interested? Is there another method of capitalizing on their
relationship with subscribers?


When you purchase an advertisement--especially one with prominent
placement in the issue--prepare an ad that seems to come from the
publisher. The ad should "imply" that the ezine editor endorses
the product.

Here's some examples headlines and texts to get you started:


FREE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS: Get this the exciting free report...

SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT: Download this new FREE ebook available to
you as a subscriber to this ezine...

SPECIAL OFFER: Subscribers to this ezine are eligible to
download our powerful free report...


Do you see the power here? The ad plays off the relationship the
held between the editor and list members. This will put them in
a buying mood.

IS IT ETHICAL? Of course each of you will need to answer that
question for him/herself. It is also an issue to be addressed by
the editor who SHOULD be reviewing all ads for propriety before
they are published. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind if
you use this strategy.

1) Don't make promises!
2) Provide something for FREE (report, ebook, etc.)
3) Make sure you represent a program of high value (like MMIC)

This is really one of the most powerful strategies you can
employ. If done properly, it will help put people in a buying
mood and provide you with a significant increase in commissions.


Wouldn't it be great to earn money just for answering and sending
your regular/daily email? That's what I'm doing simply by
employing an effective use of signature files (SIG File).

What is a SIG File? In essence it is a brief "ad" designed to
get the CLICK of those who read your email messages. Most email
programs will allow you to automatically include one of these
"SIG File" at the end each of your emails.

WARNING: The KISS principle applies here (Keep It Simple
Stupid). Don't get carried away by adding TOO MUCH to your sig
file. Focus on only one program. Use an attention grabbing
headline and keep the message brief and too the point (no more
than 6-8 lines).

Does it work? Yes! I've been able to track--on average--2 1/2
sales per month with this technique. With this particular
affiliate program that is about $500 in monthly commissions
simply for sending and answering emails.

In the increasing competitive arena of Affiliate Program
marketing, success seldom comes easy. You can begin to excel
above the crowd, however, if you learn some essential marketing
skills. Top on the list is the art of putting people in a buying

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