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Think for a moment about why your affiliate marketing project is not making sales like you hoped. You have figured out all the steps required. You know how to find good, low competition keywords and phrases for your title. You have found some good products to promote. Your web page or blog is well built and looks good. And your good articles are getting plenty of views, but you just don't seem to be getting a high enough CTR, and your sat scratching your head wondering why. Keep reading and you will find out.

Most people who fail to make money through affiliate marketing are doing so because of their articles. Not because they are badly written or the grammar is bad,Guest Posting because like yourself, affiliate marketers are intelligent people who understand the process. But because they don't realise how to create successful articles in a way that guarantees a massive boost in CTR.

Can you imagine how much easier your life would be if you knew how to write articles in a way that could treble your sales? Your CTR goes up, visits to your page or blog goes up, your page rank goes up. Which all adds to your sales, and therefore money you make,going up. Well it's all to do with joining your potential buyers' conversation that's going on in their mind. By that I mean you have to figure out what they are thinking. What is the problem they have which they are trying to solve by searching online? Why haven't they found the solution yet? And how can you solve the problem for them? This will give you a good basis for writing successful articles.

Research has shown that people who surf the web look at each web page they visit for an average of just 8 seconds. Basically, if they don't see anything that grabs their attention within that time, they move on to the next. This means you have to get them to stay with your article and keep reading in order for them to click on your link. Ask them questions to get them thinking about their problem. Entice them with good thoughts about the benefits your product can bring them. Once you start to put these things together you will begin to create successful articles and boost your sales no end.

Now just think forward a few months from now. You have discovered the perfect blueprint to successful article writing and you're making sales in your sleep. You have started to earn as much online as you do in your day job, and you're thinking about finishing work and concentrating on making money online full time. How much of a better life would that be? Oh and don't forget the feeling of satisfaction you will get seeing your boss' face when you tell them to shove their job.

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