Your Ultimate Guide to Antique Stores in Your Area

May 9


Jitin B

Jitin B

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When we first hear the word ‘antique, we think of objects that have an aura of antiquity in them, a distinguished character, and an item that remains classic despite modern trends.


A treasure trove of timeless objects,Your Ultimate Guide to Antique Stores in Your Area Articles antique stores near me are a must-visit to buy homewares or art decor that add story and context to your home.

Brisbane is the perfect place to shop for antique items, as it is brimming with antique stores. But among the many antique stores near me, it often becomes difficult to decide where to start. Fortunately, Empire Revival, located in Paddington, Brisbane, is an antique center with a retail space of 1000 sq m, within which 50 small businesses are running that offer antique products and beautiful artifacts.

Empire Revival: One-stop destination for all your antique item needs!

Empire Revival is so much more than just an antique store. Beginning as Paddington Antique Centre in 1985, it features the works of interior designers, jewelers, local artisans, collectors, and old-school antique dealers. With 50 different stores operating within the retail space of 1000 sq m, Empire Revival ensures that you don't have to rush to different antique stores to shop for antique homewares.

Empire Revival presents you with unique items from local and international artisans that bring a distinctive range of remarkably crafted homewares, garden wares, jewelry, art, clothing, and skincare products. With their mesmerizing collection of special and beautiful artifacts, they are sure to be the perfect solution for your homeware needs.

European Furniture Brisbane: Elevate Your Home with Style and Elegance

European furniture is much loved interior decor furniture that has some of the most iconic styles that have developed gradually with different times in history. Not only for their aesthetic appeal, but European furniture Brisbane are famous for its high quality, reliability, and durability. They make an amazing addition to your home.

European-style furniture celebrates bulky furnishings and cozy appeal. It has a range of styles, from floral patterns to bold colors, and it can very well go with the theme of the home. Muted neutral colors like subdued green and watery blues add a pastoral touch to the interior decor of your home. Shop European furniture from Empire Revival in Brisbane and add a European touch to the home.

Artworks for Sale in Brisbane: Find Your Perfect Piece To Add To Your Home or Office

Antique artworks are in much demand among collectors, and it is not less than a treasure to find the exact artwork that you are looking for. Generally, the demand for antique artwork is so high that most of them get sold, and probably people never get the chance to buy the piece of art that they were desiring.

Empire Revival has a range of artworks for sale Brisbane, especially those that promote the thriving art community of the city. Be it wondrous oil paintings, frames of glass, or vintage artwork, you will get everything in one place. Artworks make great pieces of decor that have a story to tell. It makes you feel connected to the roots and activates your visualization power. Buy some of the uniquely made artworks that add elegance to your home and office.

Home Decor in Brisbane: A Must Buy From Empire Revival

Home decor includes a range of items like curtains, sofa sets, cushions, tablecloths, decorative products, etc. Often, when we talk about antique home decor in Brisbane, they are hard to find. This is why Empire Revival has brought you a range of home decor items to transform your interior space.

Antique home decor can exude a timeless appeal, enliven your interior, and remind you of history and culture. At Empire Revial, you will not struggle to find the home decor you are looking for, and we are the perfect answer to your decor needs.


Antique stores are often referred to as treasures for people who love antique objects. Empire Revival houses a variety of items ranging from homewares, art and crafts, furniture, and jewelry. With their undoubted versatility, they become a one-stop solution for your interior decor needs. A must-visit destination, Empire Revival is a celebration of local businesses and a way to foster their community.

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