Tips for Buying an Antique Freestanding Tub

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A few tips on what to do before going out to buy an antique freestanding tub. You should decide what you want, research it, and find a reputable seller.

The word antique may mean different things to different people. That includes what an antique freestanding tub should be. Antiques to some people may mean a piece that needs some TLC and they're willing and ready to put money and time into revitalizing it. Others,Guest Posting though, think of an antique as being in perfect, ready-to-use condition. Still others may consider an antique as something salvaged and brought to perfection before they've purchased it. Whatever your definition, there are some things you should do and keep in mind when looking at antique tubs.

Things to Do Before You Buy an Antique Freestanding Tub

Decide What You Want to Buy

You can buy an antique freestanding tub that's in great or perfect condition; salvage a tub and have it refinished (or refinish it yourself); or buy a tub that’s been rescued and refinished already. Despite the differences in appearance when you buy, all three options come with similar price rules: the better condition of the tub, the bigger the price tag, and the more rare the tub, the more costly. Once you know what condition you want your tub to be in and the specific tub you want, you can move on to the next step.Research the Antique Tub

Do you know the type of antique freestanding tub you want to buy? You may have a general idea or just simply want anything that’s vintage; or you may know the specific style of tub you want and/or the time period it’s from. Either way, it's a good idea to do research on the make of antique bathtub you want before you start shopping. What are the characteristics of the tub you're interested in? How rare is the make of tub? If you want to buy an antique tub that's in good condition already, you will especially want to know what it should look like and what it's worth. The worth of an antique tub can basically be measured on three things: condition, rarity, and size.

Find a Reputable Seller

Now that you know what type of antique freestanding tub you want and know all about it, you'll want to find a reputable seller. This is true whether you're refinishing a tub, buying a refinished tub, or buying an antique in good condition. Seek recommendations from trusted sources, search local or regional antique stores, and search for sellers online. If you're looking on eBay, make sure you know what you're talking about so you don't get ripped off, and be sure to buy from a seller with a solid reputation. Regardless of how you go about getting an antique tub, you'll no doubt benefit from the effort you put into searching for it. As we noted, you don’t just have to buy an expensive rare antique bathtub. You can salvage your own and have it refinished or buy a previously refinished antique tub, sometimes for much less. Before you buy anything though, remember to decide on the type of tub you want, research that style to know its characteristics and worth, and then find a seller who has a good reputation. Above all, enjoy your (as good as) new antique freestanding bathtub.

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