A helpful list of excellent driving habits for your new Volkswagen

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Adhering to driving practices that are recommended by the experts is important because the lack of enthusiasm to follow strict safety rules could cause serious injury and damage to road users as well as pedestrians. You may want to increase your safety awareness and skills.

You'll be shocked by the amount of deaths that have been caused on the roads due to bad drivers who have never been made aware of the character of their Volkswagen and its powers.There is a selection of things a driver can do to intensify their driving abilities considerably when driving a Volkswagen so take a look at the points highlighted below to get you on the road to success:Secure your seatbelt! It is imperative that your seat belt is popped on before you set off because it will reduce damage to the body if a driving disaster does come about. The responsibility lies in you to ensure that every back seat passenger is wearing their seat belt before you set off on any length of journey.Check your mirrors! Shift the mirrors into an appropriate position so that you can see well through all of the relevant mirrors,Guest Posting which will mean you'll be able to see the surrounding vehicles from all angles. The wing mirrors are especially important when cruising down the busiest of motorways or even a twisty country lane so make sure that they are placed in a suitable direction and help you to see the actions of any other drivers on the road at the same time.Put on some quality shoes! High heeled footwear, wedges or even flip flops are probably not the right option for long periods of driving because they can get caught on carpet mats and can make it harder to hit the accelerator and clutch. Have a go at wearing trainers or shoes with less of a heel as they will assist you in gaining a steady control of the Volkswagen and preventing slips, which could cause swerving and accidents.Awareness is the key! Keep an eye on everything and don't shift your hands away from the wheel too much so that you can make a swift recovery from any hazardous happening. Regularly look at your mirrors and listen carefully so that you can pick up on any sirens from the police or paramedic teams, which will mean that you will have to adjust your speed level or slow down completely to a complete stop at the side of the road. This can be especially important if you're interested in Volkswagen contract hire and are not too familiar with the Volkswagen model.Drinking is not an option! Never drive after drinking because it can weaken the senses immensely affecting reaction times manifold. Your judgement of speed and distances will be lessened and it will be hard to keep control of the wheel so stay within the legal limits. Never take drugs or other illicit substances, which are banned by the authorities.Strap the kids in! Any young children and babies should be strapped in to car seats because they are required by law and will protect your child from accidents. Don't be afraid of buying an expensive seat from a specialist retailer because no expense should be spared. Ask other families with children about their car seat issues and which one they believe is the best.Are you hell bent on leasing a Volkswagen and are focussing on its horse power and appearance? Take a look at the car's safety characteristics too; such as head restraints, which reduce whiplash injuries.

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