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Leading Tyre manufacturing companies try their best to launch durable products. Michelin is one of them and has earned a reputation in the industry.

The company launched Michelin Cross Climate tyre for light-duty vehicles. It is a summer tyre and was heartily welcomed by customers all around the world.

The brand has launched another summer tyre: Michelin Agilis 3 summer car tyres.

Agilis 3 and Sustainable mobility

Michelin Tyres tries its best to stay sustainable and not damage the environment. The products of the company last longer and as a result,Guest Posting the impact on the environment is reduced. Agilis 3 is a summer tyre designed for light-duty vehicles. These vehicles play a key role in delivering goods and other commodities, especially in cities. The ultimate USP of Agilis 3 is that it is energy efficient. 

The tyre weighs 2 Kg lesser than its predecessor Agilis 2. The reduction in rubber used ultimately reduces the amount of waste generated after the tyre wears out. The lightweight offers lower rolling resistance and this helps in enhancing the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Also, CO2 emissions are effectively reduced while using this tyre. Hence, Agilis 3 is an environment-friendly tyre and does not harm the environment. 

Braking in wet and dry conditions

Michelin Agilis 3 is a summer tyre and that’s the reason why this tyre model delivers an excellent performance in dry and warm conditions. For most of the tyres, the braking power is efficient and handling is smooth in the beginning. But the real problem arises when the tread starts to deteriorate and reaches the limit and you drive in wet conditions. There are high chances that the tyre will slip. Michelin has tried to overcome this problem with the new Agilis 3, which will provide efficient and effective braking in wet conditions even after the tread compound has reached the minimum requirement. 

Technologies employed in the making of Agilis 3

This new tyre by Michelin is durable and strong because of the innovative technologies employed while making this tyre.

  • The braking performance in wet conditions is improved because the tyre is made up of a mixture of Silica and Carbon Black. This provides strength and increases your safety.
  • For the first time, Michelin has used technologies for a light-duty tyre, which were always reserved for truck tyres. The tread pattern of the tyre is made using patented technology. This helps in combating the stone retention and enhances the life of the tyre. 
  • The tread pattern of Agilis 3 has deep grooves that offer smooth handling. The wet road performance is improved because of the U-shaped grooves.
  • The Agilis 3 summer tyre is protected from scrubbing because of the presence of an additional layer of rubber on the sidewall.
Availability of the tyre

Michelin Agilis 3 is available in 12 sizes and was launched in the market in April 2020. Also, 24 sizes will further be introduced in July 2020. 

Michelin has always satisfied its customers and the new Agilis 3 summer tyre is an example of that.

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