Analysis of the main factors to influence the design of automotive after market channels

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The businesses will choose to sell quality and reliable products, in order to avoid eluded captures.

   "Purity,Guest Posting added to the short-term visible effects, but want to change the tube because of the leakage caused irreparable damage to the automobile air conditioning system, to six months after the Jinhua Auto Parts City, a landlord, in accordance with the provisions of 2002 January, all air-conditioning in the car off the assembly line in China, air-conditioning system must stop the use of R12, switch 134a environmentally friendly refrigerant. However, there are still some manufacturers of automotive air conditioning refrigerant R12 and R22, the two traditional refrigerants, posing as a new environmentally friendly refrigerant 134a for sale.

    A lot of fakes, many marked on the surface of R134a, but in fact is not high purity, are a mix of some other chemicals, some R12 or something else. "Said Chen Wei, the market of domestic false refrigerant the price of 20 yuan per bottle, formal R134a refrigerant product prices more in the 30-40 yuan, to fill up a car (2.0 displacement) 4-5 bottles of refrigerant, the price difference of about 50 yuan.

    Yesterday, the reporter found in Jinhua City, the people of East and Jinhua Auto Parts City, visited the mainstream of urban auto parts store additives is called "Giant" brand additive, the market price is about 20 yuan per bottle. In addition, there are some no-name, such as a named Ling Tong, the price of 15 yuan per bottle, and the bargaining space.

    In some auto parts stores, as long as the reporter asked the models to buy 134a refrigerant, the clerk will specify some of the products, some products have become "non-sale". According to informed sources, to say the types of customers 134a, the refrigerant is some research. The businesses will choose to sell quality and reliable products, in order to avoid eluded capture.

    Distinguish between "civet cat" a coup

    Owners how to identify the inferior refrigerant, to protect their car from damage  Chen Wei offers three methods of identification: a look at the packaging. Printing but Guan's certainly not factory produced. Second, view the vendor address. Some fake auto refrigerant in the tank did not specify the detailed address and manufacturers name, if the related description is not complete, do not buy. View Chinese Description. Some counterfeit products tank only in Japanese, English and other foreign languages Of course, this does not conclude that "foreign goods", no Chinese explanation, there may be counterfeit products.

    Price-wise, 300g of refrigerant, for example, unknown manufacturers prices in the 16 ~ 19 yuan, the quality of protection produced by the manufacturer will have 50 to 60 yuan a bottle, the original brand will have 100 yuan / bottle. In the purchase of refrigeration products, the car dvd and car gpsconsumer must request an invoice, if it is counterfeit products, but also to protect their interests through certificates complaints.

The south in summer rain often drop, how to do the maintenance of the wiper

    Make use of the wiper frequency of rainfall increased significantly improved, because not conducive to driving rain the road and line of sight, if the wiper is not well washed off the rain, will give you a road safety to great risk, when the wiper plays a very important role, its inspection and maintenance to be more careful in place.

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